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Over 100,000 Afghan refugees forced to return home in 2019, official


By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: Officials of the country’s ministry of refugees and repatriates have said that more than 100,000 Afghans have been forced by Pakistan and Iran to return home this year.
After the U.S. intensified sanctions on Iran, the neighboring country increased pressure on the Afghan refugees and recently forced thousands of Afghans to return to their country, Abdul Bari Ansari, the ministry’s media advisor told reporters few days ago.
The United Nations High Commission for Refugees has also said those returning home from Iran and Pakistan have not access to enough food, job, health and education. But assured that the organization would do its best to widen its cooperation for the tens of thousands of repatriates who return their country annually.
Meanwhile, the ministry’s authorities said both internally displaced people and those returning home would be provided with enough facilities and their other needs would be met duly.
This is while, political experts and citizens blamed the organs concerned for having no effective plan for the Afghan returnees and the challenges facing them in the hosting countries.
“The government has no practical and timely programs for those Afghans returning home from the foreign countries. There is no job, no shelter for them, when they return are being deported from other countries, particularly from Iran and Pakistan,” Mohammad Modaqqeq a political analyst told The Kabul Times.
According to him, with the security situation getting worsened, suicide attacks increased, war between government forces and militants intensified and bad news going viral about widening ISIS presence in Afghanistan, the disparate people have no way except to leave the country and seek asylum to other countries.
About the Afghan refugees residing in Iran, a private university lecturer, Hashemi said: “Unfortunately, Afghans are facing numerous challenges in other countries. By increasing sanctions on Iran from the U.S., Afghan refugees are facing though problems, while no country, according to the Human Rights Conventions is allowed to torture or abuse refugees.”
Immigration crisis is making the world’s main challenges, with Afghanistan and Syria having the highest record of immigrants in the world, dealing with their problems has turned too hard and their needs are not addressed as required in the hosting countries, he said.
As now that Iran announced to pull out Afghans from its soil, this is the responsibility of the Afghan government to provide them with proper places, livelihood and other facilities, said the expert.
Some Afghan citizens said that the government lacked a proper plan for the Afghans returning home. “They should be provided with shelter and job inside the country,” said Maryam a student of governmental Aryana High School.
She also advised her Afghan citizens not get involved in illegal activities while illegally living in other countries, as he believed most of deportees are from those breaking the hosting countries laws and resorting to illegal activities.
But, Ali Reza who has recently returned home from Iran said, since his return two months ago, no attention has been paid to him and his family by the government. “Only one international organization has cooperated with us, when we were crossing the border. I expect education and job to be provided for us inside our country.”

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.