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Over 1.5m affected people receive aids: MoDM

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The authorities of the Ministry of Disasters’ Management said that aid packages have been provided for distribution to possible cold affected people. Talking on the relief supply to affected people of natural and unnatural disasters, spokesman of the MoDM Ahmad Naim Azimi said, in current fiscal year, aids have been supplied to over 1.5m affected people that include foods and noon-food packages.
Addressing a press conference in Kabul Azimi went on to add Afs 69.859.000 have been allotted for emergency situation in upcoming winter for affected people of natural disasters. Foodstuff have been prepared for 22832 households and non-foodstuff for 11638 families.
According to expressions of the MoDM authorities, the MoD has also alerted essential forces to participate in relief supply and rescue operations during natural disasters.
Azimi clarified that the UN agencies and Afghanistan international partners have also promised to allocate US $21m for supply of tents, fuel and other winter essentials for possible affected people in upcoming winter.
Based on the information of the MoDM, since the beginning of 1397 fiscal year, 61340 tonnes wheat and 13394 tonnes animal fodder have been transferred and distributed in 20 provinces affected by drought and for the rest of 14 provinces which have been less damaged by drought, 27417 tonnes wheat have been allotted and its transferring is going on.
Being concerned on the situation of drought IDPs, expert Mohammad Modaqqeq said, unfortunately the Afghan government has not undertaken a specific program for drought IDPs. With deterioration of security situation, increase of suicide attacks, intensification of war between ANSF and terrorists and release of news on presence of ISIL in Afghanistan our people resorted to migration. The government should seek solution and undertake security measures in areas posing with potential threats so the IDPs would repatriate to their native villages.
Talking on providing relief supplies for vulnerable areas due to drought and IDPs, Akbar Jawad lecturer of a private university said, accommodation is one of the basic needs of IDPs that government should provide it and beside that relief supply agencies should support the government to take care of drought affected people regions.
According to a number of IDPs in Deh Araban area, Qargha, relief supplies are slight and they ask the government to pave the way of their repatriation to their original areas. Alam Gul a resident of Kunduz who was displaced last year and is currently sheltered in IDPs camp of Qargha, said, large number of Kunduz rurals were displaced to Kabul due to wars and drought and are living in bad conditions. I expect the government to take care of our problems.
It has been said that this year due to potential drought and war threats, over 80 pc of Afghan farmer have been damaged. Prior to this, the OCHAIA had announced that 20 Afghan provinces have been affected by drought this year.
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