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‘Our people expect restoration of peace from S. Arabia meeting’

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A meeting held on Tuesday on peace and stability in Afghanistan in Jedah city, Saudi Arabia with the participation of 120 delegates from 36 Islamic countries. Talking on this issue, the spokesman of HPC said, this is the first time that a big meeting is held on Afghanistan peace and stability in Saudi Arabia.
The first day of this meeting was held in Jeddah while the second day to be held in Mecca. But releasing a statement, the Taliban said that this meeting is held under the influence of Americans and Afghan government authorities and they would not attend it.
If in this meeting the participant religious scholars call war illegal in Afghanistan, the Taliban have to make peace with the Afghan government. The long devastating war has fed up our people. In war areas children are deprived of school and unemployment, illiteracy and social deviation have been dominating the country.
In this meeting the Islamic scholars would evaluate war and peace in Afghanistan while in the past the Saudi leaders had always been financial and political supporter of Taliban and Al-qaeda. The opposition groups of our system with extremist religious tendencies have always been one of the strategic instrument of Saudi Arabia leaders for ensuring Riyadh interests and extensive financial support of Saudi Princes under the coverage of relief agencies to these oppositions of Afghanistan system in their region is not hidden to all.
If Saudi Arabia and the Islamic world question the legitimacy of Afghan war and issue order against verdict of Pakistani scholars, it would leave heavy impact on Afghanistan war. The Saudi Moftis should also outlaw Afghan war and suicide attacks of Taliban in this direction. Pakistani Mavlavis have always been in favor of war in Afghanistan and emphasized that the muslims should fight US, NATO forces in Afghanistan.
Riyadh position on war and peace in Afghanistan may affect decision-making of Islamic world leadership and would take a step forward for ensuring peace in Afghanistan.
Despite of repeated requests of the Afghan government, religious scholars, popular demonstrations and even local Taliban, the Taliban leaders still resist against appeals for ensuring peace.
During the ceasefire days, the Taliban militants talked on their inclination for the end of war. No doubt such request is not acceptable for Taliban leadership who are under the trusteeship of Pakistan, as the issue of peace and political negotiations have found further attractiveness and a group of those militants would give up war in the battlefield. Because Taliban militants saw practically that ceasefire improved pacifistic spirit among Taliban militants and commanders. Due to that reason, the Taliban leaders resumed their attacks on ASNF. The Taliban leaders have clear position on peace and their militants obey orders of their leaders. During the ceasefire, they showed their political discipline to government. Some Taliban militants told the media that they are obedient to their leader orders on ceasefire.
It means that with intensification of war the sense of pacifism which was created during the ceasefire days among Taliban, would be eliminated and killing and revenge would be rechanged to reality of the battle.
In the wake of mutual ceasefire between the Afghan government and Taliban during Eid days, requests were increasing from Taliban to join peace process. On June 21. 2018, a peace caravan of displaced Afghan youth of Kheyber Pakhtoonkhwa in Pakistan started their rally from Peshawar to Kabul. They asked Taliban that war doesn’t settle any problem, let’s restore peace. On June 13.2018, twenty ladies rallied from Mokhaberat square to Pashtoonistan circle in Jalalabad city and asked Taliban to make peace and expressed their support for recent ceasefires.
A group of Helmand youth and elders started a peace movement in Lashkargah city and walked to Kabul. One of the members of this peace caravan Besmellah Watandost said, on our way from Helmand to Kabul, we talked and discussed peace with local Taliban as they were willing peace and ceasefire, fed up with war and no longer want to continue war. But Taliban alien leaders try to prevent restoration of peace in the country. We would continue our protest to reach peace and ask other Afghans to join us. All the people even Taliban have been fed up with war and are interested to join peace process.
Probably some of the Taliban leaders and commanders who lack authority and are an instrument of foreigners, don’t want to join peace process. Now the people should force the Taliban to join peace process and restore peace and security. In order to achieve peace, people should raise on feet like Helmand and Kunar youth and prevent blood letting of innocent people.
Addressing Taliban, president Ghani said, determine and make peace. This is not foreign pressure. This is request of Ulema, request of Afghan men and women.
Ulema presented Quran to you. Now you decide: either kill people or give them positive answer.
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