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‘Our only goal is to bring convergence among people’


Beside their regular occupations, a number of youth are involved in other programs and they ask other youth to make further efforts for their future and Afghanistan.

Suhaila Sama is one of these youth who beside being a reporter, is involved in socio, civic activities for youth. In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, she said, I am involved in “Convergence Program”. As its clear from its name, it is an attractive name and more youth are enthusiast of it. “We setup a social citizenship network in the name of convergence that its goal was only and only artistic and cultural activities”.

Talking on the usefulness of this program in the direction of convergence of youth who are the majority of our population Sama said, no doubt all youth are enthusiast of this program to take part in it. In our program on the occasion of the new year, we invited youth to attend and enjoy it.

She added, “our new year’s program included Haft Seen, Haft Miwah, exhibitions, pure Afghani music festival, Drawing, Painting for children of Nursuries as our only goal was to bring smile and convergence among people. We are further involved in social activities and as a youth. I want to fulfill my responsibility in our society. Our activities were volunteer in small and big projects. We setup a complex called “Home of Youth”and its goal was to make common the culture of volunteer work among youth and cooperation in the field of vocational training”.

She said, under the “Home of Youth”, we managed to organize workshops in which the trained youth train other youth. This program was considerably supported by youth.

Talking on their donors, Sama said, in the outset our activities were volunteer but for its continuation we needed a supporter and the Danish embassy supported us.

Conveying message to Afghan youth that future of Afghanistan belongs to them, Sama said, current situation is very sensitive. Our youth should learn because Afghanistan needs educated youth. They should make efforts for the future of their homeland and be qualified doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, economists, journalists etc.

Expressing concern on the brain drain she said, we should prevent brain drain and don’t let our experts and educated youth to leave our country. We should pave the way of essential opportunities to them. Our youth should go and be educated in foreign countries but return home and serve their country as their obligation.

Talking on her future plans, she said, our future plans include launching of national debates on peace process and role of youth in restoration of peace, sport and cultural activities.

 Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.