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Our hopes increase for peace: Convoy


Members of Peace Convoy say that joining of inhabitants of different districts and provinces to this caravan has increased their hopes to achieve peace.
Members of PC left Kabul one week before for Balkh province and were warmly welcomed along Kabul-Balkh highway by relevant inhabitants and people expressed their support of the PC.
Walking with their inflamed naked feet, the convoy has at present arrived in Doshi district, Baghlan province.
Talking to media, spokesman of peace caravan Besmullah Watandost said, although members of PC were faced with many health problems on their way but no one retreated. Joining of people to PC relaxed their pains, hardships and wounds and healed them and increased their hopes to achieve peace.
Watandost added, on our way to the north in Shakar Dara, Kalakan, Mir Bachakot, Qara Bagh districts, Kabul province as well as in Chaharikar the provincial capital, Jabalussaraj and Salang districts, Parwan province and Khenjan and Doshi districts, Baghlan province, thousands locals attended our meetings, supported us as all of them were fed up from war and want peace.
Although the end point of their journey is not clear, but Watandost said that after Balkh, the PC plans to move to Herat province.
After one month tent dwelling, the PC moved from Helmand and traveledKabul-Helmand700km distance by foot in during which they were supported by thousands countrymen.
During their two months tent-dwelling in Kabul, the PC set up tents close to US, UK, Russia, Pakistan and Iran embassies as well as UNAMA head office in Kabul and asked the people of these offices to support Afghan peace process and movement.
Later on, on Aug 10. 2018, the PC left Kabul for Balkh to convey the message of peace to people. A women rights advocate and civil society activist, Humamira Saqeb said, people support of this movement shows that they are fed up with wars and violence and wish peace. I hope to convince the warning parties that war is enough, let’s end it and make peace.
Saqeb asks both sides to give up war, support peace process and do not let the Afghan women to become widow, and their children be orphaned.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.