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“Our cultural roots are strong and enduring,” President Ghani

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at a book unveiling ceremony at the Presidential Palace, said that high cultural council would be established and that efforts for development of Uzbek language were underway, a statement from presidential palace said Friday.

At the outset, Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammad Tahir Zuhair spoke about the role of the country’s scientific and cultural figures in creation of thought and meditation and said: “From the beginning of era of Shirali Khan to the end of democracy decade, the created texts were unique in their type.”

He thanked the president’s attention and the efforts of Ustad Mohammad Asef Samim and Ustad Rafi in the translation and the edition of Adib Khan Afandi’s works.

At the threshold of Adib Khan Afandi book unveiling ceremony, the country’s president praised the efforts of the country’s First Lady and Ustad Rafi in collection of the documents and their translation, saying that the messages of the independence were everlasting and strong.

“For Pashto and Dari languages development, a big revolution has been done and efforts were underway to do similar for Uzbek language,” the country’s president said as quoted by the statement.

“High Cultural Council would soon be established in order to develop a fair and coherent agenda,” said the president.

President Ghani added that Afghanistan should go to structural stability and this will not come without republicanism framework and democracy, noting that the country’s cultural roots were strong and enduring. “The people of Afghanistan were not center-escaping but center-centric and the power of Loya Jirga was an important example.”

On the ongoing peace process, the president went on as saying peace should happen in a manner that could end the last 40 years violence and that nation-building will not happen by rhetoric.

“We should have national programs. There is a different between the 20 century’s independence and that of 21, we should see them in link with each other,” the president stated, adding at that era, Adib Khan indicated that the Amin era was a turning point in the Islamic world and we didn’t have a deep an inner view from the Amani era and that by releasing the work of Adib Khan, a mirror is found from inside.”

“The viewpoint of Adib Khan had not only economic or military aspect on freedom, but also had wide cultural aspect,” said the president. “We shouldn’t forget the 100-year-old culture and multiple millennium civilization. This country has been the crossroad of civilization link and our identity was special,” quoting the president, the statement concluded.

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