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‘Our ancestors’ success hidden in their unity’

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I am not a historian to discuss the heroisms of martyred and Ghazis of independence war based on documents. Also, I am not a poet to narrate my sentiments in the framework of a poem and draw a picture from heroism of independence war heroes in epic poems.But, as a human, I am not indifferent before what I see in daily life in my environment.
It should simply be discussed that why we scarified ourselves? For what reason?For this that every year, only we celebrate this day and commemorate the heroisms of our forefathers?
For this reason, that after passing of a century, their grandchildren to refuge to foreign countries so that to reach them to their goals?
With construction of schools, universities, hospitals, water dams and other infrastructural establishments illiteracy to be eliminated and with training of experts in the field of medics, engineering, economic and politics to change the homeland into a country that its every individual be enjoying from all modern requirements according to their will.
It should be asked from ourselves that what are our achievements stem from our independence?
After passing of 99 years, 70 percent of our population are illiterate, and our capital Kabul is facing with harsh shortage of electricity. There are no standard roads. We live in dark and damp rooms with numerous family members. For ordinary treatment we leave our country for overseas. Our agriculture is in its traditional system and so far, we import the most initial material from abroad and there is no report about growth of industry. Our mines and underground resources are remained intact or looted by mafia groupings illegally.
Still, our waters are not haltered, like a child that doesn’t takes step. Still our hands are stretching to foreigners to help us. Basically, there is no news about political stability.Our national cohesion that our ancestors did with its using to knee the world super powers, is weakening with passing each day.
In lieu of focusing attention towards fundamental problems, so far, we are skirmishing on nomination of universities and for this, we are ready to murder each other.
Tribal, lingual, regional and religious discriminations have reached on their summit. The one of us are ready to tolerate and support each other. Willy Nally, we are hunted by these sinister disunities. We have no tendency to rescue us from misfortune.
With occurrence of recent 40 years incidents, we certainly can say that thousands of compatriots that loving their homeland were victimized by dirty hands of traitorous element for the sin of serving their country and unfortunately, this ugly process continuing so far, and there is no different between honest and treacherous individuals.
There is no policy to rescue the country from this deadlockand crisis, if existed, it would face with tens challenges and hurdles.
Instead of focusing to honesty and meritocracy of individual, heed is paying to tribal, lingual and regional considerations.
The most honest and meritorious personalities of other tribes are preferring by those who do nothing.
While independence demands territorial integrity for reaching to a prosperous society.
This doesn’t be gained sans preferring of national interest instead of personal one, our success of our ancestors was only hidden in their unity and cohesion.
All were working for a united and unique Afghanistan.
What are mentioned before, we can take a lesson till all Afghans not to be united as an iron-fist and not negate negative phenomena of tribal, lingual, regional and grouping discriminations and don’t prefer national interests instead of personal one, rescuing from this deadlock and crisis is impossible.
If we want the condition be changed, it is necessary that to change ourselves.
Likewise, according to holy Quran, the seats of government including great and small are the borrow of the nation and these borrows should be submitted to those who are suitable for, not according to tribal, regional,lingual and other discriminatory considerations.

Lailuma Noori

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