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Other districts at the merge of collapse in Badakhshan if not paid attention

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By: M. W. Qasemi

Reports said another strategic district has fallen to the armed Taliban militants few days ago.
The local officials have also confirmed that the Kuran-o-Minjan district has been taken by the militants loyal to the Taliban group in the last few days.
According to the officials reinforcements have not been sent on time to the area, where tens of militants stormed and finally managed to take control of the district center.
Located in the country’s northern province of Badakhshan, the Kuran-o-Manjan collapse to the Taliban militants shouldn’t be taken easy, as other adjacent districts would also go at the merge of collapse if a retaking plan was adopted by the security forces.
This a big problem of the country’s security and defense forces from the center that they are not reinforcing local forces at the outset, but when the government armed oppositions take an area or a district, then they use all forces to recapture, by using heavy arms and ammunition and most importantly after inflicting heavy casualties on the solider and civilians and destroying people houses as well as forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes.
Security measures, from the initiation, by the security organs are very fragile and they are not ready for a preventive measure, before the fall of an area.
Reports said the district chief along with his 40 soldiers have likely fled to the neighboring Nuristan province, a failure, the chief said was due to not on-time arrival of reinforcements to the local combatants. Dozens of public uprising armed men have surrendered to the Taliban, according to the reliable local source.
Falling districts to the militants one after another, would undermine the power of the country’s security and defense forces and weaken troops’ morale, if the central government failed to strengthen the war frontline.
On the other Taliban are accelerating war and violence to receive more political credibility, ahead of possible peace process success.
Likewise, the Taliban should have realized that they have lost their trust among the people, as they spared no effort to kill innocents, including women, elderly and children during conflicts and under other pretexts.
The country’s security forces who are not ready shed the blood of civilians, would take revenge from them and ultimately the district and other areas under the militants control would be retaken by the Afghan national security and defense forces.
Now, huge number of the district residents has fled to Panjshir province, where they are in urgent need of primary aids including food items and medications. Schools in the district are shut and other uplift projects are stopped, after nearly two months, when the district was under the fear of collapse.
Both the government forces and the Taliban should be attentive for what should be done for the civilians and do their best to protect them during conflicts.

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