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Optimisms, efforts to break deadlock in intra-Afghan talks

Zalmay Khalilzad in October 2011 cropped
Former U.S. Ambassador Zalmai Khalilzad speaks at the inauguration of the Ghazi School in Kabul. U.S. Deputy Ambassador to Afghanistan James B. Cunningham, Afghan Minister of Education Abdul Rahim Wardak and visitng former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmai Khalilzad officially inaugurated the newly rebuilt Ghazi High School in West Kabul October 23, 2011. Former alumni of the school include both Ambassador Khalilzad and Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The school was destroyed during 30 years of fighting in Afghanistan, and was refurbished by the U.S. Agency for International Development. (Department of State)

By: Lailuma Noori

A number of members of Afghanistan negotiating team say gaps in connection with code of conduct of talks between Afghans might be resolved in one or two days.
US special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad is in Qatar and has met members of the negotiating teams of Afghanistan government and Taliban. There has been no touchable result from the intra-Afghan talks started between Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams a month back.
The US special peace envoy for Afghanistan is making effort to break the current deadlock in peace talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams. Taliban is still insisting on resuming the talks based on US-Taliban peace deal and Hanafi jurisprudence for resolving all issues.
Negotiating teams from both sides in Doha held a meeting on Monday night but it ended without an agreement over the procedural rules. The meeting follows the involvement of US special peace envoy for Afghanistan and envoys of other countries supporting Afghanistan peace process.
Delegates from the Afghan republic’s negotiating team said an agreement on the procedural rules of the negotiations might be reached within the next two days. The two sides have agreed on 18 out of 20 articles for the procedural rules, but two main articles religious basis for the talks and connection of the US-Taliban deal with the negotiations remain unsolved. The Taliban insists that if a dispute emerges during the negotiations, the solution must be sought using the Hanafi jurisprudence and that the foundation for the talks should be the peace deal that the group signed with the US in late February.
Meanwhile, regional and world countries have always insisted that they would not recognize Taliban Islamic Emirate. Almost all countries of the world have declared that they are against the establishment of any system ruled by the Taliban group.
Edris Rahman, an Afghan-American researcher and political expert, believes that breaking deadlock in talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams is possible when three steps are followed: first the involvement of US special peace envoy for Afghanistan; secondly, closely and diplomatically working with Islamabad to exert pressure on the Taliban to come down from their position; and thirdly is to defeat Taliban on ground.
In case that deadlock is broken in talks between the two sides, lots of issues should be included as the people’s demands and visions, permanent ceasefire, republic system, protection of human rights values, women rights and protection of achievements of the past 19 years. One of the most important issues that should be considered in peace talks is the country’s constitution as it is the structure of a democratic system with modern values of today’s world. The country’s constitution is also the protector of political stability and national unity of Afghanistan people and considered as the only framework for our national and social lives, avoiding monopolizations, wars and internal disputes.
It is worth mentioning that the peace negotiations between teams from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban started on September 12; however, so far, direct talks have not started because of disagreements on procedural rules for the negotiations.

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