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Only real deputies should be voted in upcoming elections


The government could overcome electoral challenges only when election system is reformed and honest, independent, professional and sympathetic individuals are appointed there in electoral bodies. They should bring essential expected reforms in electoral commissions and assure the voters to attend polling centers.
Out of 134 disqualified individuals, 104 inserted into the final list of IECC and protests of the rest 30 were called unjustified and their complaints were rejected.
According to spokesman of IECC, complaints of these individuals were evaluated and their list will be sent to IEC.
A number of these individuals failed to open their way into final list of parliament candidates due to problems including problems in their IDs etc.
CE of FIFA Yusuf Rashid said, we have already expressed our concern due to possible shortages in their works. Now the names of these individuals have been reinserted into the list by IECC. The meetings of this commission should have been opened.
Reports on omitting of some of these candidates caused protests in recent days.
Parliament is a legislative body and monitor of activities of executive branch. Those represent people actually, should come to the parliament. Irresponsible armedmen, criminals and land usurpers can’t defend the people interests and decide on important national issues instead of them.
Our political system is based on democracy and the principle of sovereignty belongs to the people of Afghanistan and through their deputies, people enforce it. So only individuals who believe in people interests, should open their way into parliament.
These deputies should demonstrate people political determination in legislation, monitoring and important decision makings. No doubt those who have oppressed the people and extorted public properties, or neither deserving to represent the people of Afghanistan nor competence to occupy seat of parliament.
Implementation of law is one of the basic needs and priorities of government in current circumstances. With continuation of law-breaking and evasion from the rule of law we can’t claim freedom and democracy. Those who resist against law and fear of implementation of law, how could be lawmaker or codify law? The law codified by these lawmakers how could reflect public interests or improve foundation of democracy and citizenship treaty?
In previous parliamentary elections, unfortunately the electoral commissions didn’t manage or didn’t want to prevent influence of powerful and power managers into the house. Due to this reason, we have witnessed that a number of lawmakers approached frankly against the culture of parliament and changed the house with Ring of Boxing.
In previous legislations, the house usually lacked essential quorum to discuss important national issues and evaluation of laws, because often lawmakers were either involved in businesses, extortion of land or other issues or were bargaining appointment of their friends and relatives with cabinet members.
Therefore, dealing with powerful and power managers, criminals and lawbreakers is one of the basic demands of people and welcome this decision of IEC on the condition that their decision be transparent, fair and impartial and void of every private and political motives. Optional approaches and stylistic steps increase problems ahead of people and government and confuses decision making process.

Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.