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Only intra-Afghan dialogue can bring peace in Afghanistan

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The Afghan government on Sunday hailed a meeting of Afghan politicians and members of the Taliban in the Gulf state of Qatar as a crucial step in promoting peace and reconciliation in the country but once again reiterated that face-to-face talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban were a must to end the ongoing conflict in the country.
Almost 50 delegates from Afghanistan and 17 representatives of the Taliban have attended a two-day intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha, co-hosted by Germany and Qatar, which kicked off on Sunday.
The presidential spokesman told media that the meeting could be evaluated as a progress and an opportunity for those Afghans who are present there in the meeting to share their ideas with each other.
Meanwhile, The German envoy for Afghanistan said that country’s future cannot be imposed from the outside, it can only be determined by Afghans themselves. “We understand that making peace won’t be easy. Your country is at the crossroads of competing for regional and international interests. But outside factors can only result in conflict if Afghans are divided. When Afghans stand united the region will recognize that its interests are best served by a stable and peaceful neighbor,” he said.
Indeed, peace is the only wish of Afghan people, as they have been the victim of war for more than four decades. They have always supported peace building efforts in the country and have welcomed the imitated peace by any side. To end fighting in Afghanistan and secure a sustainable representative government for Afghans, Afghan government, its neighbors and the international community have continually tried encouraging Taliban members to work with the Afghan government.
But Taliban has mounted their pressure during the talks and have done so in an unconstrained manner, using brutal tactics such as attacks on schools and hospitals, and the assassination of influential figures. They have applied these tactics to keep the Afghan government and its partners busy or distracted while they continued to carry out military operations, and causing more casualties of the ANDSF, which are the true sons of Afghanistan and shedding their blood only to protect people and their beloved country.
No one in this country opposes to peace; it is the greatest desire of the people of Afghanistan and their basic need for peace, but the people of Afghanistan are not willing to sacrifice all the achievements of past years and endure the peace that is created by aliens.
Afghans have been calling upon Taliban to understand the reality on the ground and try to avoid aliens’ interreference on peace talks, and unconditionally pave the way for intra-Afghan talks to overcome all the challenges and differences as government of Afghanistan has time and again showed readiness for such talks.
Meanwhile the different strata of the society who also participated in Doha talks have said that persuaded Taliban to join the intra-Afghan talks, which is the only and last solution to the ongoing conflict in the country.

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