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Only Afghan led process can bring peace in Afghanistan

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The US-Taliban peace negotiations abruptly ended when the US president Donald Trump pulled the plug on the talks after Taliban claimed responsibility for a deadly a suicide attack, taking 12 innocent lives including a US solider in Afghanistan.
The 9th round of talks, primarily aimed at bringing America’s longest war to an acceptable end, was halted as the militant groups continued bloodshed campaign and spared no efforts to disrupt the peace life of Afghans through conducting multiple attacks.
Meanwhile the Afghan citizens and government were sidelined in the talks which led to criticisms inside and outside of the country. Most of the people and regional countries stressed on intra-Afghan talks as the only solution for ending of the ongoing conflicts.
In the wake of Taliban’s trips to some neighboring countries and lately to Pakistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday that Afghanistan was not supporting any peace talks held without presence of Afghan government.
“Afghanistan government is not supporting such talks as these talks do not help maintain peace in the country,” Deputy Minister Idrees Zaman said, adding that the Afghan government was seeking peace talks led and owned by Afghans and can guarantee lasting and dignified peace in the country.
He also said that Taliban visit to Islamabad was about the release of two US hostages and had nothing to do with the peace process, stressing that the Taliban’s visit to other countries has no consequences except their humiliation.
The Afghan government has time and again welcomed any move by the neighbors to play constructive role in the peace process and calling upon the Taliban to reduce violence and hold direct negotiations.
The more than four decades of conflict have resulted in deep fractures across Afghan society. The war has subverted social structures and defined a national psychology of fear, anxiety and anger. To push forward with the negotiations with the Taliban without addressing a national reconciliation plan is to treat Afghanistan’s past with complacency and hubris.
Afghanistan’s neighboring countries and regional and global stakeholders have to prove their sincerity through pushing the Taliban to sit around the negotiating table with the Afghan government and pressuring them to reduce violence.
All Afghans are in dire need of peace and stability in their war-torn country. At the same time, they want a peace deal to ensure that the Afghan democracy and its 18 years achievements will be preserved.
All Afghans want a peace deal to protect the Afghan constitution, civil liberties, basic rights and freedoms. Afghans want a peace deal and a political system that consider all Afghans as equal citizens in the country.
Therefore, only an Afghan led Afghan and owned process under the leadership of Afghan government can ensure lasting peace in the country.

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