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Only Afghan-led peace negotiations acceptable

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Report said that U.S., Russia and China diplomats have exchanged views on Afghanistan current peace process status, in Washington.
The U.S. State Department in a statement has said that the two-day meeting of the representatives took place on March 21-22 discussing “common efforts to bring peace, prosperity, and security to Afghanistan.”
“They underscored their respect for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, as well as Afghanistan’s right to make its own political, security, and economic decisions,” the statement was quoted by media as saying.
The three countries have reportedly agreed to hold further discussions on the issue and when and where such a talk would be held.
The key objective of the meeting was how to end war and violence and achieve peace in Afghanistan, as U.S. envoy for Afghanistan’s peace Zalmay Khalilzad briefed the tripartite meeting.
The statement said: “Both sides underscored their respect for the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Afghanistan.”
According to the statement an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue, lasting development and reconstruction in Afghanistan have been the issues, the United States and EU have insisted on.
The people and government of Afghanistan support any efforts by the regional countries and those of the Afghan partners.
Peace as the main desire of Afghan people should be an inclusive process and led by and owned by the Afghans themselves. However, there is a need for the process to be guaranteed by an impartial side and this is really acceptable to have a firm witnessed assurance to make sure that both sides would remain fulfilling their commitments for a lasting peace in the war-battered nation.
Ceasefire should be the first agenda agreed by the Taliban that would pave the way for the continuation of negotiations, as the process would never go ahead unless a truce was set and agreed by the two sides.
Freedom of expression, human rights, women rights and generally all achievements of the last more than 18 years during the two consecutive elected systems should be lodged as the key options in peace negotiations with the oppositions.
The people of Afghanistan don’t want war and bloodshed anymore as the country destroyed and remained backward, children in many parts of the country remained illustrate and most appallingly millions of Afghans, chiefly educated youths have either been killed, wounded or left the country.
So, the Afghan people are desperately in need of peace and security to get rid of the long protracted war and violence and take part in their country’s reconstruction and development.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.