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Ongoing war imposed on Afghans


By: Suraya Raiszada

Following recent attacks of the Taliban group on a number of provinces in the country, leading body of Afghanistan government says the ongoing war in Afghanistan is not civil war but imposed by others on Afghans.
According to the country’s defense and security organs, all the people of Afghanistan as well as the world know that the ongoing war in the country is not the war among Afghans, but it has been imposed by others on Afghans and foreign intelligence networks are behind this war.
Afghan security officials stress that during the current year, terrorists have planned to capture a number of districts and provinces in the country, but fortunately all their plans and programs have been spoiled and they have failed to reach their vicious intentions.
Afghan National Army (ANA) forces have continued their military operations against terrorist groups in various parts of the country as terrorism is posing serious threats to not only Afghanistan but the region and world. Officials for the ministry of defense say Afghanistan as an independent country in the region has touched all such threats posed by terrorist groups; therefore, the government of Afghanistan has taken all necessary preparations to fight terrorism and is asking the international community to cooperate with Afghanistan in rooting out the phenomenon in the region.
The country’s defense and security organs have assured the people of maintaining security and protecting their lives and property, saying that ANDSF will strongly continue their military operations in all those areas facing with increasing threats posed by terrorist groups.
Meanwhile, Afghan political and military experts while stressing on peace talks with those stopping violence in the country say peace talks should not be held with those targeting civilians, public institutions, religious and holy places and the country’s infrastructures.
“Afghanistan is among countries that has seriously suffered due to foreign interferences and continued and imposed war funded by foreign intelligence networks,” said Javed Kohistani, an Afghan military expert.
He added that the ongoing war has been imposed on the people of Afghanistan; therefore, it was the responsibility of all Afghans to take step against the vicious phenomenon of terrorism and foreign interferences and strong support the country’s Afghan Defense and Security Forces to root out the respective phenomenon in the country.
Aziz Rafiee, Managing Director of Afghan Civil Society Forum, while asking for having a military strategy by Afghanistan government say undoubtedly the ongoing war in the country has been imposed on Afghans, but unfortunately the government of Afghanistan has not had any military strategy to fight the phenomenon so far.
Stressing on having a military mechanism and strategy for peace and war in Afghanistan, Rafiee said that unfortunately the ongoing war in Afghanistan was the war between world and regional powers and it could be ended when all world and regional countries honestly work and cooperate with Afghanistan government in this regard.
It is worth mentioning that the people of Afghanistan have been victim of the continued war for the past few decades and it is not clear whether the ongoing peace talks between US and Taliban will end the current war or not.

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