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Ongoing peace promising for students, as new educational year arrives

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New positive changes are expected in term of enough rainfall and climate changes and optimism about peace in the country paving the way for effective development in the field of education and other areas, after years of insecurity and drought that forced large number of people to leave their residence and thousands of children remain out of schools.
The country’s Ministry of Education has earlier said that over one million new students would be enrolled in schools, the number of which, he said would reach up to 18,000 all over the country.
According to the ministry’s statistic around nine million students are now going to schools across the country, while according to the country’s president, last year, up to 50 percent of schools in Afghanistan were without buildings, 3.5 million children remained out school and nearly 1,000 schools were shut countrywide.
Even, the ministry said some 300 Kabul based schools had no buildings. But the government, according to the ministry, started construction of about 6,000 schools buildings last year, expecting more than 2,000 schools to be provided with buildings by the end of the current solar year.
The ministry referring to its website said up to 49 million textbooks have been published last year and is expected to be distributed among the school children this year.
However, lack of professional teachers, inadequate textbooks and schools with no buildings are still of the main problems facing the education sector.
This is a matter of pleasure that the ministry said was committed to resolve the lack of school buildings by 90 percent within the current year and the process was vowed to be completed by the end of this year.
The people of Afghanistan are optimistic about the current year and believed they could go to the government offices and to the farmland—both as fertility has been widely expected, after enough rain and snowfall witnessed since the beginning of winter.
Schools, as the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said would be provided with buildings at the center and provinces of the country.
In many areas, even under the Taliban control, children could access to schools, as the militants showed resilience after peace process started few months ago.
People want their children to get educated under peaceful atmosphere and the workforces of the country used in the rehabilitation of the country’s infrastructures.
All households should send their children to schools, including government-run and private education centers, to help the illiteracy rate reduced and the country develop.
And the government, particularly the Ministry of Education should make effort to hire professional instructors.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.