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On the occasion of 100th independence anniversary: Amanullah Khan period and 1st experience of free press

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By: The Kabul Times

Following assassination of his father in February 1919, Amir Amanullah took the power as king of Afghanistan.
His period was the brightest one for press in Afghanistan.
The events which were occurred in the years of world war-I, at the end of this war in 1918 and after formation of events in the world and in the region, from among them, Afghanistan, those events effected in Afghanistan.
The era of kingdom of Amir Amanullah Khan is specified with those transformations for years, periodical of Serajul-Akhbar-i-Amania reflected them that important one is regaining of independence of Afghanistan from Indo-Britain government.
An Afghan researcher, Dr. Assadullah Shuaoor in connection with importance of this event and its impacts on politics and culture and from among them about press said that: with regaining of independence, eye-catching, deep and fundamental transformations have been appeared in various aspects of life of people and certainly in the sector of press.
From qualitative and quantitative point of view, the press had reached into unprecedented growth. There were freedom of expression.
Sans any exception, the enlighten people were supporting their national government.
Journalist and political analyst of Afghanistan Abdul Hamid Mubarez regards the period of king Amanullah as transformational one from despotism into constitutionalism, constitution and loya Jirga.
Loya Jirgahs took the position of law maker session or constitution such as constituents in other countries.
Vast steps have been taken towards modernization during the kingdom of Amanullah.
Under the title of “Basic Regulation”, the first constitution has been ratified and over 50 regulations or law executed for coordination of political, economic, cultural and social affairs.
The publication of “Aman-i-Afghan” was pursuing the main goals of “Serajul-Akhbar-i-Afghania by Mohmoud Tarzi i.e independence, nationalism, modernity, colonization, unity and progress of Muslim nations with this difference that Serajul Akhbar uses it as a mean for regaining of complete independence and “Aman-i-Afghan propagated it for protection of independence, progress and development of Afghanistan.
Expansion of education and Knowledge, industry and press were prioritized in reformations.
Over 20 publications such as dailies, periodicals and magazines were publishing in capital and for the first time in the provinces.
“Sair-i-Journalism in Afghanistan” a book which was compiled by Kazem Ahang, in connection with press in this period wrote that during the kingdom of his Majesty Amanullah Journalism got expansion.
Periodical in the name of “Aman-i-Afghan” that its first issue was published in April 12,1919.
The first editor of “Aman-i-Afghan” was Abdul Hadi Dawi one of prominent constitutionalists as well as former Editor-in-Chief of “Seraj-ul-Akhbar”.
A researcher in historical issues and expert of historical issue of Amanullah Khan era Dr. Senzel Naveed who is living in the USA believes that in fact, the publication of “Aman-i-Afghan” was the continuation of “Seraj-ul-Akhbar” and was pursuing the goals were promoted by “Seraj-ul-Akhbar”. Those who were working in press of this period, majority of them were enlightened and writers.
According to Prof. Habibi, they were related to Afghan youths and constitutionalists.
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