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OIC role important to fight extremism, restore peace

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One of the major missions of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is to promote international peace and harmony among various people of the world. Achieving this requires the OIC to be actively involved in conflict resolution and mediation.
In his official state visit to Saudi Arabia, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Yousef Al-Othaimeen, in Jeddah on Sunday praised the support provided by the OIC to Afghanistan and its active role in promoting peace and security.
President Ghani said Afghanistan sought to develop ties with the OIC to carry out cultural and social projects to combat extremism, hatred and terrorism. Meanwhile Al-Othaimeen reiterated the organization’s commitment to promoting peace, security, stability and development in Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, in Afghanistan, Taliban and other terrorists misusing the Islamic teachings and martyring Afghan Muslim people on daily basis. They spare no efforts in targeting civilians in schools, public places and even in holy places like mosques and shrines.
Based on the texts of the holy Quran and the Afghan tradition, Islam is a religion of peace and mercy, that the believers should all be merciful towards one another, and that their blood, property and honor are inalienable and should be protected against aggression.
Although OIC and other Islamic countries affirmed that the suicide attacks targeting innocent people, and that intestine killings among Muslims are all acts that are prohibited by Allah Almighty and His Messenger under texts that are conclusively clear and well-established, but the insurgents continued to increase their attacks on innocent civilians across the country.
Afghanistan is a Muslim state. Its citizens are Muslims whose life is sacrosanct and who all aspire to peace and security, and the perpetrations it has been undergoing in terms of the killings of innocent lives are contrary to the principles and teachings of Islam and run counter to the principles of unity, solidarity and social coherence among Muslims.
OIC as the reputable Islamic organization should do more to embolden its role in conflict resolutions and prevention of suicide attacks and deliberate targeting of civilians. Although the Islamic ulema and OIC have time and again called upon warring factions, mainly Taliban to shun violence, but much more is needed to curb the menace of terrorism and extremism in the country.
Daesh and Taliban have time and again misused the Islamic teachings to achieve their vicious goals. Therefore, what is really essential for Islamic countries and the OIC to raise awareness on what the insurgents doing and further boost cooperation among the Islamic countries to unitedly fight terrorism.
Afghans calling on Muslim states, organizations and elites, including OIC to join efforts and pull their weight towards the establishment of peace and security in Afghanistan, using all their potentials and influences towards this noble goal to ensure a peaceful and decent life where Muslims cooperate towards building up and developing their nation in harmony with the will of God and His Prophet.

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