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Officials welcome NATO financial support for ANDSF

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The NATO allied nations in Brussels meeting once more proclaimed their financial support from Afghan National Security and Defence Forces (ANDSF) that was welcomed by government of Afghanistan.
Welcoming from fresh NATO support from ANDSF, the authorities of finance ministry of Afghanistan say this measure is indicator of the fact that after 2020 the international community doesn’t lay alone Afghanistan.
In a briefing with journalists in Kabul, acting finance minister Humayoun Qayoumi told media that Brussels meeting was one of the meetings that had much achievements behind and all NATO allies proclaimed their financial support from Afghan security forces.
Acting finance minister emphatically said that with fresh NATO financial support from Afghan security forces now, the concerns are removed that as if after 2020, international community would lay alone Afghanistan. Prior to this, NATO General Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg had asserted that till May 15 of current year, the donor countries through contribution box assisted Afghan National Security forces with $ two billion and 800 million.
Previously, there were some concerns in the country about financial support of Afghan security forces after 2020, but now, these concerns have been removed.
Annually, the financial expenditures of Afghan security forces have been estimated $ five billion that great sum of the same is being paid by the US and NATO allies.
Considering this, a number of military witnesses regard effective the renewal of NATO support and training of Afghan security forces.
Former deputy interior minister and one of military witnesses, Hadi Khalid in the connection said that there is no doubt those forces are present in the framework of NATO mission in Afghanistan had done much in security, development, economic cooperation and training of Afghan security forces.
This military witness says that those countries are present in the framework of Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan can train Afghan security forces with using their experiences they have in this field.
Likewise, their financial support makes Afghan security forces further brave in battlefields. Khalid stated.
He said conscription and training of Afghan security forces should be standardized. Because, present training of these forces has no effective. They should basically and according to the demand of time be trained so that to counter against terrorist groupings.
Similarly, the NATO- member countries lauding ANDSF forces honest counterterrorism, said that we are the witnesses of effective capability of Afghan security forces that is indicator of strong military and political leadership of this country.
The NATO-member nations assured for their long-term cooperation in development of Afghanistan and support of Afghan security and defence forces.
In his fresh assertions, president Ghani regarding important the role of NATO-member countries and expressed his thanks for their cooperation and support in all fields especially from training and enforcement of Afghan security forces.
Likewise, the leading body of NUG regarding worthy the ties existed between Afghanistan and international partners especially the US one and laying emphasize on its continuation.
At the same time, the members of senate say that Afghanistan is a country that is facing with foreign threats. So the support and cooperation of world nations can halt the enemies’ assaults that is useful for war capabilities of Afghan forces.
This is in a time that, 18 years have been elapsed since presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan but, because of high threat of armed opponents, unfortunately, so far, terrorism seriously threatens not only Afghanistan security but also threatens the regional and world security as well.

Suraya Raiszada

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