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Officials stress women’s role in peace talks


By: Suraya Raiszada

Think tank titled ‘Afghan Women Voice’ in peace process was held by state ministry for peace affairs in Kabul. Holding the meeting is showing Afghan women’s commitment for their active presence in ongoing peace process.
Part of Afghan women in elections, declaration of ceasefire, protection of the right and achievements of Afghan women, protection of the country’s constitution, government system and role of women in the government, observation of the principle of gender and merit and participation of women in Taliban negotiating team are a range of points on which Afghan women are stressing in ongoing peace talks with the Taliban group.

Dr. Alema, acting of state minister for peace affairs and deputy minister of peace affairs for human rights and civil society by pointing to recent changes in the country said there were different visions regarding the peace process, but it needed time as it was not a one-way road.
Pointing to the demand of Afghanistan people, Dr. Alema said the people were waiting for a peace agreement that was implementable and regional and international consensus was created.
Related to Moscow meeting, Dr. Alema said that the negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan had a single stance rejecting the return of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.
Acting minister of peace affairs by pointing to coming peace meeting in Turkey said today’s Afghanistan was in a different position comparing it had been during the Bonn Conference; therefore, it was necessary that the system was changed based on elections.
“For Afghan women, protection of the women rights and hearing their voice is in priority.
This advocating voice of women should be always heard and their demands should be delivered to the international community, government and intra-Afghan talks with the Taliban group,” Dr. Alema stressed.
Declaration of ceasefire and condition-based US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, creating political consensus, continuation and acceleration of Doha process, regional and international consensus, active participation of women in peace process and particular attention to human rights issues are a range of things which should be considered in ongoing peace process.
Meanwhile, acting minister of women affairs Hasina Safi says the voice of Afghan women in peace process is effective, stressing that their voice should be heard and their plans and suggestions should be shared in the intra-Afghan peace talks.
Pointing to works of the country’s ministry of women affairs for participation of women in peace process, acting minister of women affairs said the ministry of women affairs has worked to launch a national campaign for defending the republic and sharing their voices in peace process by preparing a policy to have women take part in peace process.
In the think tank, advisor to the Firs Lady office Palwasha Amin stressed on protection of the country’s constitution and republic system, saying that presence of Afghan women is key and meaningful in ongoing peace process.
Meanwhile, foreign representatives to Kabul in the program committed to cooperating in sharing the voice of Afghan women with the international community as the international community has continually expressed concerns over lack of presence of Afghan women in peace process. They asked the people of Afghanistan to lead and manage the ongoing peace process, stressing that the past years’ achievements and values should be protected and defended.
It is worth mentioning that Afghan women Single Voice Group in Policymaking was created last year by women rights activists in Afghanistan and the state ministry for peace affairs is working to pave ground for its activities in the country.



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