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Officials eyeing exports reach $80 billion by 2024

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KABUL: Officials in the country’s ministry of industry and commerce hoped that Afghanistan exports would jump to $80 billion in the next five years.
Based on the joint plan of the ministry of industry and commerce and the private sector, the ministry wanted to play key role in development of business in the country.
While introducing the new acting minister of industry and commerce and Kabul mayor, the country’s president said that there were much to be done to rise the graph of exports in Afghanistan and that the ministry of industry and commerce with a joint economic plan shared with the private sector has to play important role in the country’s trade development.
“Afghanistan’s exports should be reach to $8 billion by 2024,” the president hoped.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani appointed Ajmal Ahmadi as the acting minister of industry and commerce and Ahmad Zaki Sarferaz as the acting Kabul mayor, late on last week.
Ajmal Ahmadi has earlier worked as the president’s economic advisor whom the president said had played significant role in economic development in the country.
According to Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industries, Afghanistan’s imports reaches to $8 billion, while has an import of less than $1 billion each year.
Khan Jan Alokozay, the CEO to the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries believed Afghanistan would economically stand on its feet, if the president economic draft was worked out in the estimated area.
“Considering the development in term of trade, this was possible but needed enough attention,” Alokozay told media.
He said the country’s president is interested in economic development and there is enough capacity to develop it and if peace restored and the president’s committed practiced, this wouldn’t be impossible like domestic products increased and the ways opened.
“Right now our products have increased by 40 percent compared to last year,” said Alokozay.
He said the private sector supported it, but to reach the goal, there is a need for fundamental work.
The second ACCI authority outlined the need for ensuring electricity, restoration of security and resolutely fighting corruption, as other important ways to help develop trade in the country.
According to the authorities, Afghanistan exports have been recently on the rise, with the main reasons behind was opening of the air-corridors and the process is hoped to continue in the future.
Shukria Kohistani

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