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Obey Islamic teachings if are Muslim

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“Have you torn down his heart to know if he meant it or not,” the Holy Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him said while raging over one of his companions who said he caught hold a disbeliever fighter who said: “There is no god but Allah, and I stabbed him to death. The Prophet (PBUH) continued to repeat it to him until he said: “I had wished I had not embraced Islam until that day.” While we are celebrating the birth anniversary of the holy prophet Mohammad (PBUH), we have mercy on the people and prevent unlawful behaves, let along taking innocents’ lives. Nowadays, thousands of young Muslims are being beheaded, brutally killed and tortured, mostly in the Islamic countries, particularly the war-ravaged Afghanistan, for falsely being claimed of having violated Islamic teachings. Around the Islamic countries, women and children are not an exception, when both sides of war who are also claiming to be fighting for Islam opening fire against each other. While peace talks are going on between the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban group who claim to be fighting for restoration of the Islamic Sharia, war still continue taking lives of innocents across the country. Since either fearing of sword or with consent, as the great prophet said, no one has the right to kill one who starts saying the Islamic words and that his live and property is safe under the holy Islamic instruction, then, how the Taliban are intentionally killing Muslims who are living in the government-controlled areas, for merely accusing of working for the government. As the real religious scholars called war in Afghanistan Haram after both sides are chanting Islamic slogans and performing Islamic pillars, there is no reason for continuation of war that only kill civilians. Hundreds of religious scholars of the country gathered under a single umbrella to announce their fatwa and discontent against the ongoing war while the Taliban seeming to be following something other than the real Islam, do not heed to it. If they are right, why they are not ready to join a gathering of the religious scholars to make clear what they are doing are legitimate and if they are not right, then why they are persisting on war and killing civilians. In light with the Islamic law, any dispute should be solved by a high committee of experts, but in the raw of the Taliban, all are the men of fatwa doing any they wish, even rejected by the holy religion. This means that they are not fighting for the restoration of the Islamic sharia, but for reaching power. This is why they continue targeting those who’s live shouldn’t be legally shed.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.