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Number of women police to reach 10,000 in three years, MoI

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Officials for Ministry of Interior (MoI) saying currently more than 3,000 female personnel are working within ANP and efforts are underway to increase the number of women police up to 10,000 during the coming three years.
In an interview with The Kabul Times, deputy spokesperson to ministry of interior Nasrat Rahimi by pointing to role and presence of women in ANP, effectiveness of women in maintaining security, challenges, programs that are underway for women in ANP said undoubtedly leading body of the ministry was supporting women in various sections in particular Afghan National Police (ANP).
“MoI is determined to double presence of women and increase their number up to 10,000 in coming three years as the ministry considers women role as effective in maintaining security in the country,” Rahimi said.
Pointing to programs and facilities that have been provided for women in ANP, Rahimi added the ministry has provided facilities for women in various fields particularly in capacity building, higher education scholarships, appointment process and physical safety.
“Anything which is important for us is to pay particular attention to women in appointment process as women are appointed in various sections of the ministry based on their talent and proficiency. Also, for physical safety of women, we have instructed all sections of the ministry in capital and provinces to seriously punish those who are harassing women police personnel,” Rahimi stressed, adding that even minister of interior himself answer some 119 calls to address problems and challenges facing women police in ANP.
Related to role of Afghan women police in maintaining security and prevention of suicide attacks and explosions, the deputy spokesperson of the interior ministry said: “Role of women police in maintaining security particularly in preventing attacks of enemies is vital as you know the enemies of Afghanistan people make use of inhuman tactics.”
“You’ve recently seen that most of suicide bombers detained by security forces were wearing women dresses and based on intelligence reports, we have deployed women police in areas where security threats are high and enemies trying to enter the area by wearing women dresses,” Nasrat Rahimi stressed.
He also pointed to programs that are underway for improvement of women in ANP and said the ministry was planning to implement lots of programs for women in ANP so that they could play more professional role in maintaining security in the country.
Deputy spokesperson to ministry of interior while considering cooperation of the people with police forces as significant enough in maintaining security in the country said the people knew that police were in the service of the people; therefore, the people should cooperate with security forces in all fields in particular maintaining better security and report any challenges and threats which the people face to security forces with.


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