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NUG’s efforts for durable peace laudable

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For establishment of peace and security, the National Unity Government (NUG) makes effort and all nation support its effective measures in the connection.
Honoring and appreciating of ulema verdict and implementation of their instructions indicates that the government is completely determined to bring peace in the country and uses any suitable alternative for accessing to comprehensive and honorable peace.
As proclamation of ceasefire in Ramadan 27th and Eid days by government and then by Taliban brought about happiness to our compatriots and showed that, this suffering nation are proud for their independence and are in need of peace and stability in their country more than any time.
The Taliban grouping are also tiring of war and are waiting for a day that like other compatriots to live jointly with their families and relatives and live under the shadow of peace.
According to President, any decision is made on the basis of direct consultation of people with government. “Because, people want peace and in this connection since long they are laying emphasize on negotiations and understanding.”
With the pursuance of Almighty Allah orders and respecting people’s demand, the national unity government prefers national interests as a fundamental principle for termination of war and wants people to share their concerns as well as their plan with government for improvement of peace process.
President Ghani said that like thief, peace doesn’t come in darkness, but maintains in bright day and with the ambition of Afghans. The president once more addressing Taliban said that “we are ready for peace negotiation in any part of the country that they demand.”
Political analysts believe that peace negotiation inside and in abroad should take place along with their consultation.In abroad, the material and weaponry possibilities of Taliban should be frozen. Because, this measure would have a good impact in stability of the country and region.
Likewise,the peace process should be managed by Afghans themselves. Because it has positive impact, the involved countries should not make trouble water and fish for themselves. They should not cooperate Taliban and other terrorist armed groupings and cooperate Afghan government for bringing peace in the country, because, stable Afghanistan means stable region and stable world.
The government should play a vital role in peace process and with wise leadership set forth peace negotiation with armed opponents. The government regarded peace negotiation as positive and made some measures in the connection as well. Because, in this respect, national, regional, international and Islamic consensus are available, and all people are saved in honorable and prestigious peace. As the president mentioned sans any problem, the ceasefire was managed and our people believe in their future and with joint effort, Afghanistan should own a basic and just system. The countrywide ulema verdict, the religious scholars of three Islamic countries in Indonesia as well the recent conference of Islamic countries that held in Saudi Arabia, all are the indicator of effective effort of government for establishment of peace in the country. As the vast dimensions of war cause misfortunes in the country, this causes the uprising of people for bringing and supporting peace in the country and with passing of each day, the peace appeals get momentum in the country.
Similarly, the peace issue of Afghanistan places in focus of the world and gain the support of Islamic world and international community. The recent measures adopted by government built the trust of people and in these days.People think more about peace and are assuring, in a day, the efforts of government would ensure peace and stability in the country.

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