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NUG to ramain as a legitimate government until upcoming presidential elections, experts

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As a number of political parties and presidential candidates consider continuation of national unity government as illegal after May, national unity government is committed to holding timely presidential elections and says the government’s work will continue until holding the coming presidential elections.
A number of political experts believe that until holding the upcoming presidential elections, the current national unity government is a legitimate government as establishment of any kind of interim governments will result in disability and increasing problems in the country.
“Those claiming that continuation of the work of national unity government is illegal after the month of May should know that any efforts if made for establishment of the interim government in the country will create problems,” an Afghan political expert Jamal Farahmand said.
He stressed that presidential elections had also been postponed in the past and former President Karzai continued his work based on decision of the country’s High Court.
A lawmaker and representative of people in parliament Hashimi believes that Afghanistan government has repeatedly insisted that it would not accept any postponement in presidential elections; therefore, the government should act upon its action and not let any crisis in this regard.
“The people of Afghanistan do not want the interim government as such governments can create various problems for the country and its people who do not want to go back,” Hashimi added.
Previously, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had said that he would not accept any delay in holding the upcoming presidential elections anymore, therefore, we can say that leaders of national unity government have always stressed on timely holding presidential elections.
Although postponement of holding the elections is one of authorization of Independent Election Commission, the government says the current national unity government will continue its work until results of presidential elections are announced by IEC.
The country’s chief executive office says setting the timeline of the elections is the duty of IEC and the government cannot interfere in affairs of the commission.
Meanwhile, a number of political experts believe that making use of biometric system is considered as key to prevent fraud in presidential elections. They are stressing on acceleration of issuing electronic National Identity Cards (NIC).
Previous elections and voting process were not that much transparent due to various problems and challenges facing IEC and the government, but hopes have increased after IEC announced and introduced new biometric system that would be used for election day.
Independent Election Commission has recently announced a new date for the upcoming presidential elections. Head of the commission in a news conference said that the coming presidential elections would be held on September.
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