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NUG submits ‘Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy’ to int’l community

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Officials for Ministry of Counter Narcotics saying for the first time, Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy has been presented by Afghanistan government to the international community.

According to officials of the respective ministry, Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy encompasses counter drug-traffickers, execution of alternative livelihood program for Afghan farmers, treatment of drug-addicts and investigation programs in the field of counter narcotics.

Speaking at a news conference the other day, deputy of policy for counter narcotics ministry Javed Ahmad Qayem briefing related the strategy said, Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy was stressing on trust building and practical steps to fight narcotics in the region.

“Regional Counter Narcotics Strategy plan has been shared with representatives of 13 countries including regional countries, USA, EU and UN,” Qayem said, adding that it will be good if the strategy is implemented as Afghanistan government wants regional countries to be further cooperative with Afghanistan in counter narcotics effort.

A number of Afghan experts believe that the ominous phenomenon of drugs will be rooted out in Afghanistan only if regional countries further cooperate with Afghanistan in this regard, but unfortunately regional countries have had no considerable and effective role in prevention of drug-trafficking and counter narcotics effort.

On the other hand, some lawmakers in Lower House of parliament in interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent, accusing the neighboring and regional countries for not cooperating Afghanistan in counter narcotics efforts say, Afghanistan government is not able to lonely eradicate poppy cultivation and aids provided by the international community for counter narcotics in Afghanistan have not been sufficient.

“Regional countries have not provided necessary cooperation to Afghanistan for counter narcotics effort in the country,” said Mohammad Hashim Alokozay, head of parliament’s defense commission.

He believes that open borders with neighboring countries in particular Pakistan and Iran and free commuting of drug-traffickers from the respective countries to EU member countries have provided further facilities for poppy cultivation and production of narcotics in the country.

Another Afghan political expert Mohammad Mudaqiq says counter narcotics efforts will give no result in Afghanistan until the international community does not make strong commitment in this regard as the country is now victim of increasing narcotics.

He added that aids that have been provided by US, Britain and UN to Afghanistan for counter narcotics have been insufficient, saying that increasing poppy cultivation, presence of drug-addicts and lack of commitment of regional and neighboring countries were key challenges towards counter narcotics efforts as success in this mission depends on strong determination of the Afghan government, regional and neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan residents by expressing concern over increasing of poppy cultivation in the country are asking the international community to take counter narcotics serious steps in Afghanistan because hundreds of Afghan youth have been addicted to drugs and the number will increase.

It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan is still one of the biggest producers of narcotics in the world despite of continued efforts made by the Afghan government and international community towards fighting the phenomenon in the past ten years.

Suraya Raiszada

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