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NUG leaders vote for parliamentary election


KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the country’s First Lady attended a polling center held in Amani High School and practiced his vote, The Presidential Press Office said in a statement.
After casting his vote, the president congratulated people countrywide for the arrival of the time to hold the parliamentary election all over the country and thanked the IEC members for their effort to provide the ground for the polling process, said: “According to a report, the United Nations Special Representative shared with the UNSC, technically, this was the most successful arrangement and preparation has so far been taken for the process.”
The president thanked the candidates for their nomination in the process and encouraging the people for attending the parliamentary poll and said this was the sign of the people belief in the constitution. “I want to thank all Afghan citizens that 8 million people joined the voters’ registration centers, registered their names and are now ready to determine the future of Afghanistan by their own.”
The president advised that those going to the house of people through the direct votes of the nations should abide by the constitution, high interests of the country and the influenced law and enact laws which the people of Afghanistan want and need.
He called the entire parliamentary election nominees, particularly the recently martyred Qahraman, martyrs from media-outlet, electoral monitors, and the entire civilians who attended the process, the martyrs of liberty and war on terror, the statement quoted.
The president said the recent anti-terrorism martyrs of the country—Gen. Abdul Razeq and Hussuainkhil were those fought the international terrorism and defended their soil, according to the statement.
He also noted that, by the people demand, the election would be held in Kandahar province, next week and that Ghazni was the only province, where election wouldn’t be held. “But Ustad Danesh, Eng. Mohammad Khan and abdul Matin Baig are tasked to fix a date to hold the parliamentary election, in the province as well.”
According to the president voting was a right on one hand and an obligation on the other and the Afghan constitutionalists and the entire nation were waiting for the arrival of such a day.
He promised that efforts would be made to hold the presidential election in its due time, the statement said.
According to another statement from the Chief Executive office, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah also went to a polling center and cast his vote, hoping the parliamentary election could play determining role in the rule of law, political stability, better future for the country and better representation from the people.
The CE didn’t reject some technical problems during the process, but lauded wide people presence at the polling centers, a sign of their commitment to preserve their recent achievements, namely election.
According to another report, Second Vice-President, Sarwar Danesh and Advisor of the National Security Council, Dr. Hamdullah Muheb, also appeared in one of the polling centers and cast their votes.
Calling the successfully launch of the parliamentary election in the country, a step toward strengthening of democracy, Danesh said the problem of late opening of the polling centers, in some areas, should be investigated.
Dr. Muheb also said that wide participation of the people in the polling centers highlighted that no threat from the enemy of democracy, would deter them from joining polling centers and determining their bright future.
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