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NSA hears problems of Khost people

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By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: Afghanistan National Security Advisor Dr. Hamdullah Muhib and his accompanied delegation in visit to Khost met yesterday with ulamas, members of provincial council, tribal elders, women, youth and representatives of civil society and heard their problems.
In the meeting attended also by governor of Khost Sediq Patman, the people of Khost by expressing happiness about opening Ghulam Khan port thanked the country’s President for fulfilling his promise in this regard, but asking for fulfilling other promises as they were supporters of the government.
Representing ulamas of Khost, Mawlavi Shah Mahmoud spoke and asked that ulamas should be given authorization in the country’s decisions. Youth, women, civil society activists and tribal elders considered construction of water dams, active part of Khosti people in peace talks, opening of Khost industrial park, maintaining of security along Kabul-Khost highway, increasing health services in the province, increasing presence of women in local government, improvement of education, creating master programs at Khost University and prevention of usurpation of lands in the province as principal demands of the people of Khost.
In the meeting, National Security Advisor asserted that all problems of Khost people would be shared with the country’s President, stressing that he would make effort that the mentioned problems would be soon addressed.
Dr. Muhib further said that the country’s President had particular attention to the country’s historic sites as the enemy’s plan was to destroy them and mislead the Afghan youth, adding that it is clear that the enemy wants that Afghanistan never have a strong and permanent system; therefore, it is necessary that the people should want reforms in the system without killing and destruction so that Afghan cadres and achievements are not wasted.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.