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NPC approves 17 contracts worth 3.2 billion Afs

President Ghani chairing National Procurement Commission meeting

KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, national procurement commission’s session was held Saturday evening at the presidential palace.
In the session, 22 procurement items were reviewed and as a result six new projects worth 2.8 billion Afghani that include the following items were approved by the commission:
– Consultative services contract for design and reviewing 40km road in Kabul city;
– Contract for provision and procurement of cooking oil with quality of home-product for central and regional units of MoD’s directorate of logistics for 1397 fiscal year;
– Contract for providing and distribution of water to E area of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan hill;
– Contract for maintaining international radio through Voice Carrier;
– Contract for procurement two items (beef and lamb meet) needed by MoI based on framework contract;
– Contract for procurement two items (beef and lamb meet) needed by general directorate of prisons and custodies;
In the meantime, based the agenda, suggestions in connection with modification in some projects were also approved by the commission.
Besides, the following procurement items were reset for further reviews:
– Processing and signing sub contracts for renovation of Afghanistan embassy building to London;
– Contract for completion of roads inside of Taloqan city with length of 51.171km;
– Construction of small hydropower dam in Charkh district of Logar;
– Transferring of unusable planes from Hamid Karzai International Airport;
– Approval of granting contract for delivering approval services of tazkiras was reset and national procurement authority and Afghanistan Integrity Watch were tasked to assess the process and deliver comprehensive plans in this regard to the commission.
Discussing road projects of Taloqan city, the country’s President stressed that the people needed roads, adding that not only this project but also other projects of Ghor and Takhar should be shared with infrastructures committee by ministry of public works so that necessary decisions would be made in this regard.
Meanwhile, suggestions made by ministries of water and energy and urban development and housing were also approved by the commission and are as follows:
– Construction of Pashdan dam in Herat;
– Staring work on Shah Toot dam project;
– Procurement of 265 gabion project in five river zones for 34 provinces;
The commission’s session was attended by officials of national procurement authority, national and international observers including finance, budget and national economy commissions of national assembly, Afghanistan integrity watch, representative of SIGAR and RS.
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