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Nowruzi, Eidi old traditions

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By: Karima Malikzada

Supply of Nowrozi and Eidi are particular traditions of Afghans. With approaching of New year’s day, the families whose their sons’ are engaged take gift packages to their next daughter-in-law’s house that include fruits, fish, Jilibi, ring, clothes….
Khoshbo a resident of Kabul city in an interview with The Kabul Times said, Nowrozi is one of the accepted traditions in Afghanistan which are even famous outside the country as an old Afghan culture. In my opinion it is not a bad tradition otherwise if we underestimate or ignore it, it would be slowly and gradually forgotten.
Masoud who has been engaged since one year now, said, I came with my sister and fiancée to purchase and take Nowrozi. I will buy a pair of clothes, quantity of jewelries, fish, Jilibi and fruits. I also plan to marry after the Nowroz but a number of shopkeepers increased prices of their goods.

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Touching to advent of peace, he added, we hope the situation will be improved and we would manage to organize our engagement, wedding parties in a peaceful atmosphere and spend rest of our life in security and without war and violence.
Tamanna fiancée of Masoud said, despite of economic impacts on families, Masoud has decided to observe this tradition. I also decided not to select expensive goods in order to prevent economic blow on his family.
Yasemin a housewife expressing opinion on Nowrozi tradition said, I know that its an old tradition but it is at the same time an extra expense and our families should give up expensive traditions and think about their son’s or girl’s future prosperity.
She added large number of boys have low income and don’t dare to marry due to expensive wedding parties. A number of families unfortunately impose additional expenses on boy’s families that boy’s families don’t afford to meet them, for example they select expensive wedding halls, jewelries, high dowry, henna night and etc that cause headache to boy’s family.
The boy’s family has to loan money to meet unacceptable demands of girl’s family and have to compensate their loans after wedding for many years.
This situation sometimes causes hostility between the two families instead of friendship and even result in their separation and divorce.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.