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Nooristani acquires 3rd degree hockey trainer document

خبر هاکی

By: Nangialai Osmani

In international hockey trainer learning seminar held on November 11-22 in Oman with the participation of Afghanistan, Sri lanka, Oman, Egypt and Qatar. Abdul Ghafoor Nooristani trainer of Afghanistan National Hocky Federation attended the Seminar and for the first time received 3rd degree international hockey trainership document.
Talking on this great achievement, director of Afghanistan National Olympic Committee and physical training department, Dr. Hafizullah Wali Rahimi called it as a positive step in the field of Hockey sport added, “Hope that Nooristani would manage to train professional and standard hockey players and present them to Afghan society”. Nooristani said, “It was a very high level seminar during which I was acquainted with the hockey technics, standard exercises as well as theoretical and practical programs”. He went on to say right now hockey has found particular position in our society and our federation has established good and close relations with Asian and European countries as well as world hockey federation. Afghanistan National Hockey team traveled to Tajikistan, Pakistan, Oman, Dubai and Bangladish and returned with good results.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.