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No way except respecting IEC decision

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A threat more likely against the country’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) which has said would announce the preliminary results, has been made by some presidential hopefuls recently.
A few number of people took to the street to protest against they said the most possible fraudulent presidential election results announcement by the commission.
Fortunately, the country’s security forces could control the protest and no one was hurt and public property was attacked, destroyed or looted.
The protesters chanted slogans of not accepting what they said a fraudulent result of the presidential election, while the Independent Election Commission (IEC) has pledged that it was making effort to separate fake votes from accurate ones and finally announce a clear result for all the electoral hopefuls.
The leadership of the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has also vowed that it would support only clear votes of the nation who endangered their live to join the process.
So, under the sensitive condition, all sides have to respect the decision of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and what the commission announce.
Some political figures like Ustad Atta Mohammad Noor have also expressed their views about the election and said that there was a need to accept the IEC decision and prevent a possible crisis that would only be in the interest of some malicious circles and the enemy of the country’s territorial integrity.
The entire members of the IEC have been selected in accordance to the will of the presidential candidates and some parties which are fueling unrests and strive to create crisis in the current critical condition, they would do nothing except in the interest of the aliens.
Any move to create crisis under the so-called protests or demonstration, will victimize the poor nation and only the nation will tolerate the negative outcome, as none of the leaders of the protests’ sons or other members of their families are joining similar protests.
As seen no eye-catching number of people have attended the protest, as no one wants their sons or any other member of their families to come out to streets to endanger their lives for the sake of those seeking challenges and obstacles before the electoral bodies.
The people of Afghanistan have now become vigilant and will never be deceived by personal demands of few individuals.
So, let’s not victimize the people no ourselves, but welcome the decision of the electoral commissions, support a democratically announced result of the poll and work together with an elected system.

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