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No prisoners release unless Taliban agree for lasting peace: NSA Mohib


KABUL: Addressing a press conference here in Kabul on Saturday, National Security Adviser, Hamdullah Mohib said that Taliban would never take power through war and, asking the group to follow peace path which is the only demands of Afghans.

Pointing to releasing of Taliban prisoners, NSA Mohib said that government has released five thousand of the group prisoners which didn’t help the peace rather fueled insurgency, adding that if peace agreement made with Taliban and ceasefire secured, then the prisoners would be released.

Answering a question on if Taliban control 50 percent of the Afghan soil, NSA Mohib said that the group even doesn’t have a meter of soil to burry their death bodies, and thus taking them to neighboring Pakistan.

The National Security Adviser went on saying that a Pakistani delegation is due to Kabul to discuss technical aspects and that to address the differences, adding that Afghan government has always emphasized on improving ties with the neighboring country so that to achieve a tangible result.

“Rejecting the Istanbul conference, Taliban once again showed the people and the international community that they do not have any agenda for peace in Afghanistan,” NSA Mohib adding, Afghanistan has system, and it has the capacity to control the situation and address people’s concerns. He also assured people of government’s full preparation for countering the situation.

NDS chief Zia Saraj says that terrorism threats still exist in Afghanistan which also threaten the other countries, adding that Afghan government would spare no efforts in fighting them in close coordination with CIA and other countries helping to uproot terror.

Pointing to CIA head visit to Afghanistan, he said that counterterror special units were already given to NDS and that the directorate was fully controlling the forces and conducting anti-terror operations.

He also said that there are internal disputes among Taliban militants and that they no longer following Quetta and Peshawar Shuras. NDS chief went on saying that a group of nine people also arrested that wanted to carry out attack on second vice president.

Hinting at demolishing of US military bases, acting defense minister Yasin Zia said that all previous bases were handed over to Afghan army, however he said that a few bases, including one in Bagram, Mazar and Kabul are left, and the process still continues.

He also said that Taliban doesn’t have the capacity to take control of any city unless Pakistan’s ISI provide them the military support. The acting minister said that 1100 Taliban militants were killed in Kandahar’s Arghandab district which according to him was unprecedented, adding that they were on the run and thus planted mines. The acting minister also said that six new A-29 fighter jets were given to Afghan army.

Answering questions regarding sharp increase in criminal activities in the capital city, the acting minister of interior Hayatullah Hayat said that all measures are hand to fight the rising level of crimes in Kabul.

Suraya Raiszada


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