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‘No peace unless Pakistan give up support of terror groups’

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Addressing a press conference here at the Government Media and Information Center on Tuesday, the National Security Adviser (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib said Taliban should declare one-month ceasefire before the start of peace negotiations, adding that through ceasefire, Taliban is expected prove that they have control over their battlefield commanders.
NSA went on saying that the government has prepared a seven-point peace plan, involving talks with US, NATO, Taliban and Pakistan. He said that there would be no peace until Pakistan guarantees that it would not support any militant group in Afghanistan.
“Taliban cannot agree on anything unless Pakistan wants, even if it agrees, the war would continue, Taliban might be replaced by Daesh, during US-Taliban talks, we were informed that some Taliban members joined Deash,” NSA Mohib said.
Afghanistan’s relationship with Pakistan has been marred by Durand line disputes, proxy wars, and political disagreements ever since the country’s creation in 1947. But especially in recent years, the relationship has been on a downward spiral. Pakistan is accused of providing cover for the Taliban, which are relentlessly attacking Afghans across the country. Meanwhile, Afghan government continued to call for international sanctions against Pakistan to give up support of the terrorists.
The political experts believe since Pakistan has a great influence on Taliban, can play a critical role in peace negotiations between Afghan government and Taliban. Pakistan has also been hosted insurgent groups’ leaders and played and still playing a great role in training, funding and equipping of the group members. Therefore, as per the NSA remarks, Pakistan has the competency and authority to have Taliban adopt a proper way and not be a factor of killing and destruction in Afghanistan.
Recently, Pakistani media reported that the neighboring country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday met US Special Representative for Afghanistan peace reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad and reiterated Pakistan’s steadfast and sincere support to Afghan peace and reconciliation process.
The Pakistani prime minister during his meeting with Khalilzad also underlined the need to overcome the difficulties in this regard, so that an enduring political solution to the Afghan conflict could be achieved at the earliest. He also stressed that it was important for all sides to take practical steps for checking violence in Afghanistan.
Indeed, the most important factor at this juncture of time is that Pakistan must pursue its commitments with true intentions. Pakistani officials have time and again committed to work hard for peace in Afghanistan, but no tangible steps taken so far. Indeed, without Pakistan’s sincere support, no peace would be achieved in the country and it has to understand that without combating the terrorism jointly it is impossible to defeat it in both countries as they share a lengthy and porous border.
Pakistan’s continued blatant interferences has now affected its political and economic situation too. As the country struggling to revive its economy, PM Khan is needed to once again revive its trade ties and establish friendly relations with Afghanistan, instead of isolating and putting his country into further chaos. The neighboring country is required to do more to restore the trust between the two countries and pave the ground for enhancing mutual economic and friendly ties.

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