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No peace sans women empowerment

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Afghans celebrate International Peace Day at a women-only park in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013. A women-only park opened for men to join in celebrating the special occasion together, while the Afghan government struggles to find ways to bring peace in the war-thorn country. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

The International Women Day was celebrated in Kabul at a time that US-Taliban talks have caused serious concerns on women rights, freedoms, because during their rule, the Taliban had imposed systematic discrimination against women.
Women were deprived of work and education and were frankly marginalized. The laws that Taliban had imposed on women activities, were not adaptable with criterion of even hardliner Islamic groups. Taliban had even forbidden private schools of girls.
During their rule, Talban had persistently said that they are not against girls and women education and work but the way is not paved to allow them. But even until the end of their regime, this way was not paved.
Now also the Taliban negotiators say that in that time the way was not paved and therefore they had exerted strong restrictions on women educational and cultural activities. In case of integration of Taliban with political system of Afghanistan, they would not disagree with work and education of women and girls.
But its clear that their word and action are different. In case of advance of peace talks, the Taliban stance on women is unknown. Most likely in this case and possible amendment of the constitution, Taliban would persist on gender separation of male and female, a position which is not adaptable contemporary intellectuality and criterions for justice.
Today’s women are one of the realities of big cities and certain rural Afghanistan areas. The number of girl students are increasing in schools and universities and large number of women have been employed by the Afghan government and private sector. 40 percent of school students are girls. In cities like Kabul, women constitute large number of teachers and medical employees
Political settlement of Afghan war would not succeed with ignoring of women. In any possible political agreement on end of Afghan war, the women collective demands must be reflected. This issue doesn’t need complicated theological and philosophical discussions.
Afghanistan lacks oil fields with increasing population. Empowerment of women causes improving of family economies and national economic growth. In a situation in which the women economic, social, political and cultural role would be restricted, Afghanistan total development process would be stopped. Due to expansion of poverty, it is not unlikely that once again a new round of encounters would be resumed.
As a poor country, Afghanistan needs global aids.One of the preconditions of world aids is empowerment of women and observance of their rights according to international laws.
In case of any political settlement in absence of women or ignoring them, Afghanistan would lost chance of receiving world aids, development projects would be stopped due to budget deficit and economic poverty would bring instability.
Certain countries like Saudi Arabia who feed their people from oil revenue have also started to improve their non-oil economy. In a conditions that even the most hardliner countries acknowledge realities, Afghanistan can’t tolerate retreat.
Empowerment of women, economic development, sustainable relations with the world are demands of Afghan people. The Kabul Times

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