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No peace plan prolific unless Afghans’ real representation

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Another peace meeting is conducted in the Arab country of Qatar, which is expected to seek a solution to the current crisis in the country.
The meeting which is co-hosted by Germany has been said to be an intra-Afghan dialogue, in which both the Taliban delegation and representatives from the Afghan civil society activists including women and prominent political figures are sharing their views of how to resolve the ongoing conflict and restore peace and security, in the country.
All Afghans welcome any meeting leading to a lasting peace and sustainable security in the country, but this should be under the country’s legitimate government leadership, as when the voice of peace rises, this means that all insurgents are invited to give up arms, join the government and take parts in the reconstruction and development of the country.
But, the huddle comes, while tens of Afghans including women and children are being killed and wounded in deadly explosions and suicide bombing being launched by the militants on a daily basis. The Taliban, the representatives are attending the Qatar peace meeting, have proudly claiming their fighters have carried out the attacks.
Such meetings come, while schoolchildren are losing their lives and being injured during the non-Islamic acts of the militants. Families lose their loved ones to the long meaningless war countrywide.
Lot of meetings have been held since the establishment of the high peace council, but bloodsheds are still continuing. Nothing has been taken fruitful from among the tens of rounds of similar meetings and such meeting would never remain fruitful unless the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan had not attended.
The government delegation is the representatives of the whole Afghan nation and would share the main vision of the Afghans in the meeting.
So, if the Taliban want to enter a honest peace dialogue with the Afghans, they should first stop bloodshed, suicide bombing and killing the innocent Afghans, they should stop malicious activities against the elected government and reject any negative consultation from other side of the border.
At the peace meeting to which, a number of ineffective individuals have been invited, would be empty of any positive result unless a direct participation from the government representatives was made.
On the other, no one could tackle the problems of Afghans, unless they decide on their own.
In the last long years, many efforts have been made to find a solution to the Afghan problems, but all were in vain because they the stakeholders were mostly seeking their own interests.
So, the Afghans should share their own visions with each other for their national interest and the interest of their country and they should take a plan to end war and instead work for the development of their country.
They should work for the preservation and protection of the country’s last long years of achievements rather to making attempt for their destruction.
They should decide to tolerate each other, rather to be brainwashed, besieged and sent for distraction of the country.
All Afghans are ready to stand alongside their government and are dedicated to give any sacrifices to help their elected system reach success.

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