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No peace except through intra-Afghan dialogue

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By: M. W Qasemi

The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has showed its commitment for peace with the Taliban group, by releasing scores of their inmates from prison, but instead of reciprocating the move, to show their willingness for, the militants continue targeting innocents countrywide.
Two years ago, during a three day Eid-truce, Taliban affiliated militants entered the country’s big cities and the nearby district townships, sending the people a message of hope for a lasting peace restoration in the country.
Both Afghan soldiers and Taliban men hugged each other chanting slogans of “Long Live Islam, Long Live Afghanistan, Down with the enemy of Islam and Afghanistan.”
The two sides have been seen like brothers who may have not meet each other for long.
The news about the truce and the Taliban militants joining various communities have been recirculating throughout the media across the country.
Social media users posted their own taken and curtesy pictures in the social media to share their joy and happiness.
Family members were used speaking about the new event, as seen they would no longer be witnessing war, bloodshed and killing of their loved ones, in their country.
Everywhere around the country, there were joy and happiness among the ordinary citizens, shopkeepers, vendors and even pushcart owners.
When children returning home from the nearby streets, they were discussing peace and security—some believe no war would come again, some giving good news about a bright future, while some remaining committed not to leave their country for safe shelter or work.
Next year, amid growing people hope for a next Eid ceasefire, reports about bloody incident come among making the citizen worry about their and their children lives. They were worry what to do and where to go to get rid of these disasters.
Thousands of people left their home and resumed to illegal trip abroad—many drowned in the seas, while many others arrested, beaten and even killed by border guards, along the areas bordering the hosting countries.
While peace talks are going on between the U.S. and the Taliban representatives, the people of Afghanistan are once again becoming hopeful for their future.
They are waiting for what they would witness in the near future and when will they see a lasting peace in their war-pronged country.
They ask all of the country’s politicians and those involved in peace negotiations with the anti-government militants to honestly work for peace as well as the neighboring countries who are the main stakeholders in Afghanistan issue, to do their best for the success of the peace in the country. The U.S. with nearly 18 years of involvement in the longest Afghan conflict, should also step up towards peace and brining the Taliban to an intra-Afghan peace dialogue.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.