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No option except negotiations for settlement of Afghanistan conflict


Afghan and US officials’ approach is currently focusing mostly on peace with the Taliban group as the only way to resolve Afghanistan dispute is the peace negotiations with Taliban.
In its recent report, the International Crisis Group (ICG) suggested that time has come for the warring sides in Afghanistan to reach an agreement and bring an end to the ongoing war in the country.
The suggestion has been welcomed by Wolisi Jirga’s International Relations Commission that says there is no option except negotiations for resolving the ongoing conflict in the country and this should be considered by the international community in particular US.
According to head of the house international relations commission, the International Crisis Group has a rational demand and its implementation can result in maintaining peace in Afghanistan.
“I think the demand of ICG is the demand of Afghanistan people as well as warring sides – in consideration to understanding between Afghanistan government and those countries that are involved in Afghanistan issues, I can say this is a reasonable suggestion,” head of parliament international relations commission added.
In its recent report, the International Crisis Group (ICG) called on the US to keep the option of US withdrawal from Afghanistan on the negotiating table and a timeline should be set for its withdrawal.
“The US should open a formal channel to the Taliban leadership. The US also should explicitly put the withdrawal of US and other international forces on the table, including in public statements,” the report added. ICG also by pointing to truce during Eid ul Fitr and happiness of the people in this regard called on the Taliban to accept President Ghani’s unconditional offer of peace talks.
The ICG’s report comes after the Taliban group rejected repeatedly the peace negotiation with Afghanistan government but has shown readiness for talks with the US administration.
Meanwhile, an Afghan military expert Ajmal Saayes while considering negotiations as the best way for ending the ongoing conflict in the country said besides creation of a thorough consensus, US and international forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan should be followed based on program.
“Creating regional and international consensus in connection with US withdrawal is important, otherwise another group will probably appear and take the power soon after US and international forces withdraw from Afghanistan and bitter experience that Afghans had in the past will possibly repeat once again,” Saayes added. Afghanistan government has not commented regarding suggestion of ICG so far, but previously President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had stressed that peace process would not be implemented with one group joining the process and another entering conflict.
On the other hand, Afghanistan government official by pointing to national, regional and international support from the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process have asserted that international forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan would be discussed on negotiating table in case that the Taliban group showed readiness for peace talks with the government.

Lailuma Noori

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