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No option but to hold presidential elections, CE Abdullah

رییس اجراییه بحث ادارۀ موقت بی‌موقع است، جز انتخابات راه دیگری وجود ندارد 16

KABUL: Chaired by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and attended by security and judicial entities’ representatives and foreign countries’ ambassadors, the first session of LOTFA executive committee held meeting on Sunday, Bakhatar News Agency (BNA) reported.
Many years have been passed with various problems, CE Abdullah said, adding this is the first time that a committee consists of Afghanistan’s government organs and foreign partner countries as well as international entities have jointly started working.
He added it is hoped that practical and imperative steps are taken to improve the situation, ensure security and maintain justice, the agency added.
He stressed that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have heavy duties, because, we are passing through a difficult year.
He said our people have made much sacrifices.
RS forces and our international partners have made much sacrifices, but they have always supported our government and people, CE Abdullah added.
Ensuring security of upcoming presidential elections is a great responsibility of the security forces and we hope they do this duty neutrally, Dr. Abdullah went on to say.
Calling the issue to establish interim government an untimely action, he added we have no option but to hold the elections. Expressing glad over starting the committee’s work, the interior minister Wais Ahmad Barmak stated that the committee members’ joint steps would result in improvement of the situation and ensuring transparency in works and on-time accountability.
The committee’s deputy Mr. Zheslin said we aimed to improve Afghanistan’s situation and pave the way for better and further services.
At the end, the committee’s work plan and duties for 2019 was approved by the present members.
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