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No one is beyond the law

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Today’s Afghanistan is based on constitutional system. The constitution and subsequent laws determine our collective life and oblige all of us to follow the law in all our individual and collective actions.
Under current Islamic Republic system, no one is beyond the law and no one is allowed to resort anti-law actions or trample it down. The constitution and all other subsequent laws have set up rules for all our collective actions and have determined the scope of our social behaviors.
The constitution has given the right to all those individuals or parties and movements to protest on a particular case on government or any other issue related to collective destiny or express their objection through every legitimate means taking into account the contents of the law, these means include voice, picture, writing or every other mean.
According to the law, people are allowed to stage protest gatherings and send their objections and voices to the address of rulers. The government and legal and lawful bodies have to listen these protests and respond them reasonably in the light of law and convince the protesters.
Following the release of final results of September 28th, 2019 presidential elections, certain electoral teams, party and individual protested. No doubt it was their lawful right to protest peacefully void of any violence and ask answer of their questions on the released results as well as actions of electoral commissions. Each of the commissions are obliged to tackle their protests and convince them and respond their questions suitably.
But unfortunately, in recent few days we have seen that on certain cases this lawful method of protest was sidelined and some parties and individuals resorted to violence and some actions against law were witnessed that persuade Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) to react against them inevitably and warn them that their actions were against law and they should avoid them.
According to ANDSF, attacks on government installations and breaking of government departments sanctum are actions against law and are intolerable. ANDSF warned them that would not remain indifferent.
All individuals and political parties as well as electoral teams and their advocates have to avoid violation of the constitution and other laws and respect sanctum of government departments and relevant installations. All citizens of the republic who have accepted constitution-based system, should respect law and don’t disobey constitution and other laws.
Winning or losing in the election is a legal discussion that must be settled in the light of law. There is no need that some people decide to materialize their demands illegally or through resorting to force and ignoring legal actions, resort to illegal steps. All should respect law and accept the content of law. In a constitution-based system, no one is beyond the law.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.