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No one can prevent Afghans will for peace

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Afghans have been paying high prices and being sacrificed on daily basis only to reach durable peace and stability in the war-torn country. The Afghan government has spared no efforts to facilitate intra-Afghan process and offered unconditional talks, aiming to provide a safe and sound environment for the war-suffered nation.
But terrorists trying hard to disrupt peaceful environments and sparing no efforts to kill both combatants and non-combatants to reach their vicious goals of instable and insecure Afghanistan, so that to establish their safe havens to turn into a great threat to other countries of the region and the world.
A few hours after conditionally releasing of three key Haqqani network prisoners in exchange for two professors of American University in Afghanistan kidnapped by the Taliban, a car bomb blast in PD 15 of Kabul martyred at least seven people and 10 others were wounded on early morning hours.
The Ministry of Interior reported that most of the civilians martyred were schoolchildren. The blast also damaged several vehicles in the area. President Ghani’s office in a series of tweets condemned the blast, shared condolences with the victims’ families, and called the action a crime against humanity.
Meanwhile the people took into social media and condemned terrorist attacks on civilians and schoolchildren. The photos of the incident were too tragic to see, as the schoolchildren were targeted at the time that were going to schools to seek knowledge for development of their country.
The pain and anguish of Afghan people within the last four decades of conflict and civil unrest is indescribable. The natural and inherent rights and freedoms of individuals were violated flagrantly. Although relative freedoms and moderate approaches of kings and political leaders generated a gleam of hope for Afghans for a peaceful and prosperous life, the pain continues unabated as peace remains elusive. 
Militant fighters, mainly the Taliban, carry out indiscriminate attacks against Afghan nation. That is, the sacrifices made by Afghans for a peaceful community has not yet borne the desired result. Religious fundamentalists still find democratic principles against their radical ideology and, ironically, shed the blood of people to sell their harsh mindset and trade on religious issues. 
Targeting civilians is a war crime and has no rational or religious justification. Such acts simply unfold the brutality and irrationality of the militant fighters. It further indicates that those militant groups, which claim to fight for religion, lack the very basic knowledge of religion. The surge in militancy shows the Taliban are still playing a foul game as they, on the one hand, negotiate for peace and, on the other hand, intensify their attacks against Afghan civilians.
The militants should know that they would not reach to their goals through assassination of Afghan officials, soldiers and civilians. Rather, they will be further isolated and would be suppressed by the brave Afghan forces. They neither can justify their barbaric acts in this life nor in the life after death.

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