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No negative vision accepted on peace, President Ghani warns

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KABUL/JALALABAD: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, at the head of a high-level delegation, has made a visit to Jalalabad, the capital of eastern Nangarhar province, his office said Sunday.

The president during his stay to the eastern province, met with security officials, elders, religious scholars, teachers, district chiefs, public representatives, youth, civil society activists, women and relatives of martyrs and security officials, the statement said.

Addressing a gathering of high-profile provincial officials, the president said he would never accept negative visions about peace.

“During ceasefire with the Taliban, all viewpoints about peace proved incorrect and this become clear that peace was the common desire and primary willing of the Afghans, so I don’t accept anyone’s veto or negative points of views,” said the president.

He also pledged to do more and pay serious attention to the families of the country’s martyrs of security and defense forces

The president said he was inherited the long and still-going on 40-year war and he has the responsibility to end it, the statement added. “As the president of Afghanistan, I accept the vision of the country’s ulema and am ready for negotiation with the Taliban anywhere.”

The president called the people concern and thanked the defense security of the country in pummeling Daesh in Nangarhar province, but blamed the police failure in the related affairs and added that new provincial officials have been sent to bring reforms and put an end to use of power and kidnapping and asked Nangarhari youth to stand against any use of power and collect evidences and documents against any powerful individuals to bring them to justice and dismiss them from power.

He also instructed the security forces of the province to tighten election security and introduce those powerful who interfere in the process to not only be fired but exclude them.

The president, also asked the investors to invest in electricity and other fields, as he pledged to provide the ground for their investment in their provinces, the statement added.

He also instructed the provincial governor for setting up a commission for collecting evidences from the land usurpers and send to the presidential office.

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