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No genuine intention of peace from Taliban side

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The negotiating delegation of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan arrive in Qatar to commence another round of talks with Taliban. Ministry of State for Peace Affairs has said that the delegation left Kabul for Doha with guanine intention and full preparation to resume talks with Taliban from the point it was suspended.
Tweeting on the departure of Republic delegation to Doha, Chairman of the High Reconciliation Council, Dr. Abdullah, hoped tangible steps would be taken for success of peace process. His remarks come as Taliban are yet to commented on the beginning of the new round of Talks. Prior to this Taliban has announced that until full withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, they would not attend any peace talks.
Taliban didn’t attend Turkey peace conference, which was supposed to be held in Ramadan, but was delayed for uncertain future. Since over two months, the Taliban representatives have left the negotiation table and are yet to comment about their absence. They have been concentrating on war and occupation of further geography. Taliban want to take maximum advantage of foreign troops withdrawal and takeover initiative in the battlefield.
Indeed, Taliban lacking commitment for peace and their interest is to gain territory through their militancy campaign. The groups’ destructive activities have already disappointed people and they do have doubt about the future of their country
At present, Taliban’s disbelieve to peace has been changed to prevailing opinion and no one expects that continuation of current peace process with Taliban would lead to a positive conclusion.
Signing of peace agreement between Taliban and the US, release of Taliban prisoners from the jails of Afghan government, beginning of foreign troops withdrawal and precise implementation of Taliban demands and wishes, have in fact granted a false arrogance to this group.
Now Taliban believe that they would have access to their demands and goals without proceeding of peace talks, therefore they see no need to proceed peace talks with the Afghan government. Taliban have not acted to their commitments in peace accord with the US either.
Taliban neither reduced violence or ceased their ties with Al-Qaida terror network, nor give-up attack and purposeful killing of civilians or have taken any positive step in peace process. They felt no pressure to be forced to carry out their promises. All these caused the Taliban to approach peace as a marginal issue and contrary, continue violence and murder.
Taliban think that in absence of foreign troops they would beat the Afghan government and re-establish their favorite Emirate through force and rifle barrel. They instead to enter real and constructive talks with the Afghan government, have resorted to wasting of time and sabotage of this process, and instead of peaceful solution, have resorted to military solution.
Until Taliban believe that they would manage through war to achieve victory, no peace effort would produce positive outcome. If Taliban does not change their military strategy, war and violence would be not ended and there would be no hope to success of peace talks.
Continuation of peace talks with Taliban in current circumstance, has no other interpretation except time consuming and deceive of public minds, as the group has no intension to cease war and provide a safe and sound environment for the war-suffered Afghan nation.

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