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No ethnic war in Uruzgan

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Amid insecurities in Uruzgan-e-Khas district, officials of the Afghan government say the Taliban have claimed responsibility for war in the district.
They added continued war in the district is not between ethnic groups.
Officials for Chief Executive Office say unfortunately, the continued war in Uruzgan-e-Khas has inflicted heavy casualties to civilians and police and made many families to leave their homes.
Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said during a meeting with central regions’ people and national assembly representatives, they criticized on being called the war ethnical and delay in the government’s step in this respect.
Pointing at shortcomings, he said we should accept that our performances have faced with delay, a move caused that the casualties’ rate to increase.
He assured that the government would do its best to defend the people.
The ministry of defense has vowed to immediately step up in this regard, he said, adding addressing displaced people is the government’s priority.
Expressing concern over continued war and people’s displacement in Uruzgan-e-Khas district, the lower house of the parliament asked the government to prevent the incident and regretted over what has been called the war to be between different ethnics.
Lawmakers stressed that the government is responsible to control the area and then address the case.
In a statement released by Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, it asked the warring parties to end violence against people in Uruzgan-e-Khas district.
Hundreds of families have left their homes so far and based on the commission’s findings, almost 63 people have so far been killed and injured during the conflicts in the district, the statement added.
The state ministry on addressing natural incidents said efforts were underway since a week to send aid packages to displaced people of Uruzgan-e-Khas and Jaghuri districts, but due to insecurities in the areas, they failed to do so.
Expressing concern over continued war in Uruzgan-e-Khas and Malistan districts, the ministry of refugees is stressing that it has already suggested the finance ministry to assist cash to the displaced families and affected people.
The ministry’s head of displaced department said the humanitarian assistance were including food and non-foodstuff.
Over the last ten days, Taliban have attacked many villages of Uruzgan-e-Khas district and due to insecurities, still humanitarian assistance have not been sent to the district, but the relevant officials are making effort to immediately dispatch the aids to there.
Suraya Raiszada

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