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No compromise with people’s vote

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KABUL, 21 October 2018 - Parliamentary and District Council Elections in Afghanistan. Electoral Staff from Independent Election Commission (IEC) opening ballot boxes for counting at one of the polling centres at Zarghoona High School in Kabul. Photo UNAMA / Fardin Waezi.

Three months after Afghanistan’s presidential election, the entire electoral process is stalled in a dispute that Afghan people saying could pose an even greater threat to stability than the last such crisis, five years ago.
Supporters of the certain presidential candidates have blocked election offices in many provinces, vowing to fight rather than accept compromise like the one that resolved the 2014 dispute.
Representatives of the electoral teams and other groups attended a meeting on Friday organized by the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) to resolve the electoral crisis, but the event ended without any resolution, similar to the failed attempt by the Independent Election Commission’s (IEC) to hold an electoral meeting last week. The IECC said the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission has so far addressed over 4,500 complaints.
Meanwhile, here late on Friday night, a presidential candidate and head of the Stability and Convergence electoral team, Dr. Abdullah ended his opposition to a recount in seven provinces after the September 28 election, which has been mired in fraud allegations.
The vote results have been repeatedly delayed — officially due to technical problems — as the incumbent, President Ashraf Ghani, and Chief Executive Abdullah wrangle for power.
The election was meant to be the cleanest yet in Afghanistan’s young democracy, with a German firm supplying biometric machines to stop people from voting more than once. But the post-election disputes have over shadowed the process and people are yet to hear the results from the electoral commissions.
The delay in announcement of the election results have left negative consequences in government affairs. Most of the state agencies and ministries are being run by the acting heads and ministers and they have limited authorities to implement the programs are somehow not willing to do so, as they are waiting, the same as the other people, for the final results of the election.
Meanwhile, the widespread allegations, fraud, misconduct and corruption, not only damaged the credibility of election commissions but also damaged the prestige of government and undermines the people’s participation in the democratic processes. The work of the electoral commissions shouldn’t become a tool for teasing and insulting of friends and enemies.
Afghan people has suffered the most in four decades of continued war and bloodsheds in the country and they no longer able to tolerate any crisis. They have accepted many challenges and even direct threats of the militants and participated in the parliamentary and presidential elections.
Therefore, the Afghan officials, politicians and the electoral commissions should do more to accelerate the process and let the commission to act based on their procedures and announce the election results as soon as possible and no compromise should be made with the people’s vote.
Prolonging the process would only affect the life of innocent masses and the militants would utilize the opportunity to implement their own goals, which are definitely disturbing the peaceful life and carrying out terrorist attacks against the people.

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