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No compromise on freedom of expression, Mohib

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: National Security Advisor, Dr. Hamdullah Mohib negated any peace deal in which freedom of expression and journalists’ rights were ignored, a message from his office read Tuesday.
The NSA, in the message, on the advent of National Day of Journalist (NDJ) lauded the work and efforts of journalists and media persons and said shortening distance between the people and the government, extending peoples’ message to the authorities, sharing the government activities with the people, awareness, sharing information, honesty, patriotism and commitment are from their efforts and activities.
“Free activities of journalists in our republic are providing the ground for increase in access to information, fighting wrong activities and corruption, brining transparency in the implementation of social justice,” said Moheb in the message. “To reach the abovementioned goals, our journalists’ efforts and devotions are commendable,” the message read. He went on as saying in the message that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan called freedom of expression and media as a value and was duty-bound to strengthen the values in the peace process further than ever. “Rights, safety in work and access to accurate and on-time information and freedom of expression would never be compromised at all,” the National Security Advisor assured. “We are making efforts for the safety of journalists and media and help them continue working with confidence,” the message concluded.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.