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‘No compromise on Afghan forces in peace process’


Fighting terrorism for the peace and stability not only in Afghanistan, but the whole region, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have paid high sacrifices and triggered an outpouring of national grief.
Terrorist networks, mainly the Taliban and Daesh militants are widely involved in war crime and violated the humanitarian law. They sought to spill the blood of both combatants and non-combatants without an iota of humanity and have paid the way for other terrorists to implement their vicious goals against the Afghan nation.
Despite of intensified peace efforts and government’s repeated call upon Taliban to shun violence and join the peace process, the militants continued their militancy campaign against the Afghan nation and the security forces. They have targeted many military bases and martyred dozens of soldiers, who have always been ready to sacrifice their life for dignity and welfare of their countrymen and women.
Speaking to members of the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces in the 205 Atal Army Corps in the southern province of Kandahar the other day, once a traditional Taliban stronghold in the south, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that he will use all logical ways in the next two months so that peace and stability prevail in the country.
The government will not compromise on the Afghan security forces in the peace process, the president said as violence rages on in multiple fronts across the country with backdoor peace talks between the US and the Taliban moving on for the fourth day in the state of Qatar.
“I will not allow the disintegration of the Afghan security forces,” said President Ghani, adding that corruption and ethnic issues in some extent have been undermining the development and progress of the Afghan forces that need to curb.
The president paid tribute to the sacrifices rendered by the Afghan forces in their campaign against insurgents and stated that the conventional Afghan security forces have bravely fought against what he described it conspiracies of the enemies who were plotting to overthrow the Afghan government.
“We are in support of peace, but we will not make a deal on our security forces in the peace talks,” he said. “You (ANDSF) are the protectors of Afghanistan’s democracy.”
Public support is widely existed for ANDSF. The Afghan soldiers have shown their bravery and gained national honor for the country throughout the history and will do so in the future as well. They must be paid enough heed and the life and dignity of their families should be ensured forever. 
Afghan forces fight against terrorism is commendable and considering their eye-catching achievements in war against the militants and to campaign against them in effective way, government and the allies should intensify their attacks – not only defensive but also offensive ones. 
Afghan soldiers, who fight not only to protect nation’s rights but also to root out radicalism, should be considered the national heroes and heroines. Their bloods shouldn’t go in vein, rather their sacrifice’ should be honored and their families should be provided safe and sound environment and their achievements should be safeguarded in ongoing peace talks.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.