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No change in Pakistan’s policy on Afghanistan, Daudzai

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Recently, on Pakistan role in Afghan peace process, High Peace Council (HPC) Secretary Omar Daudzai said that Pakistan didn’t change its policy on Afghanistan and has taken no step on beginning peace talks.
He added there is no doubt that Pakistan has facilitated US-Taliban talks, but the main negotiations should be done between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban in which that country has not taken any step in this regard.
“We welcome all countries’ efforts on Afghan peace process,” he said.
A number of political and international experts believe that enhancing relations between the two countries depends on ensuring peace and stability in this country.
A political expert Jamal Farahmand said that improvement of regional economy, political, social and cultural relations was impossible in the regional countries unless peace is ensured in Afghanistan.
In fact, Pakistan can play more effective role in ensuring stability in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, it has never honestly cooperated in the respect.
On Pakistan’s stance on Afghan peace process, an international relations expert Aminzoy said that political and economic situation of Pakistan has made that country to revive its relations with US.
Former member of the parliament Shekiba Hashimi said that Afghanistan in Pakistan’s border point is facing with terrorism phenomenon, adding Pakistan should take it serious and make effort to cooperate with our country in ensuring peace and stability.
Pointing at Pakistan’s role on Afghan peace process, she added once that country’s government has said that peace and stability in Afghanistan is related to that country’s peace and stability.
Afghans say that the national unity government should have a specific stance on peace process and make effort to satisfy Pakistan to honestly cooperate with Afghanistan in all fields.
A school teacher Zarmina said that lack of regional countries’ cooperation particularly Pakistan has caused Afghanistan’s efforts to be followed with no fruitful results on peace talks over the last seventeen years.
This comes as lower house of the parliament has said that peace would not ensure in Afghanistan unless neighboring countries particularly Pakistan honestly cooperates in the respect.
It is merit to mention that many countries have so far made effort to play role in Afghan peace talks, but peace will ensure in the country while all warring-sides accept Afghanistan’s laws and their regional and trans-regional supports to be cut.
Suraya Raiszada

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