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“No better way to reach peace than Prophet’s (PBUH) instructions: President Ghani

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani addressing a ceremony celebrating the Milad al-Nabi here at the presidential palace, said it was important for everyone to seek the path of the holy prophet of Islam for peace and prosperity of the country.
The meeting was attended by religious scholars and top government officials. Meanwhile construction works of 377 mosques in cities and districts of the country was also inaugurated during the ceremony, a statement from the presidential palace said yesterday.
The president greeted the nation and the Muslims around the world on the auspicious occasion of Milad al-Nabi and prayed for the soul of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
“We are exploring peace since decades, but to reach it, we need to follow the instructions and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” the president said, adding the holy prophet was trying hard to strengthen brotherhood, and the Holy Quran has pointed out to one of his duties which was to save the humanity from enmity and hatred.
The President went on saying the Prophet Muhammad did not wait to see that the dispute sides come and make peace among them, but he was going there and encouraging all his followers to do so.
“We have been closed to peace than any time and the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s main priority is to put end to the ongoing war. Therefore, to make peace success, it is needed to go ahead in line with holy religion of Islam and Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) teachings and instructions,” the president added, saying it is of immense important to study prophet’s hadith so that to be well-aware of the peace process and strengthen the believes that peace is the right path and war is the wrong one.
President Ghani went on saying that justice was crucial to have lasting peace in the country, adding Islam was emphasizing on justice and the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) righteous life was a clear example to everyone.
“Thanks to the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) that great thinkers, poets, mystics and scholars of the recent centuries have emphasized justice in their books and works and have called justice the basis for social life, peace and stability,” the president noted.
The President said the doors to justice and lasting peace would be closed if there would be no equality among Afghans, if Afghans could not exercise their rights in forming of their own government and if the three forces of the country fail to consider equality while enforcing laws.
According to the president, the big revolution occurred when Islam emerged and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encouraged agriculture, trade and other economic activities.
The president also said that historians believe that all foundation of Islamic civilization was laid down at the time of the holy religions’ messenger, and continued for centuries.
“Construction of hospitals, bridges, water dams, factories, asphalting roads, providing electricity and job opportunities are the means for achieving Halal and is also based on Prophet Muhammad’s teachings and instructions which paves the way for a civilized and peaceful life,” the president told the gathering.
Concluding his remarks, the president said it was important for the people to act based on Islamic instructions to have a peaceful, civilized and happy life.
Meanwhile Abdul Rahman Attash, deputy to National Development Operations and Support Office of the Presidential Palace said 377 mosques would be constructed in cities and districts of the country and the projects were approved by the National Procurement Commission in October of the ongoing year.
He said the projects would be started from Shinwari district of Nangarhar province and each of the project would take 12 months to be completed.

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