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Next ceasefire hoped to bring durable peace in Afghanistan


Afghanistan government has recently announced that another ceasefire determined to be declared between Afghanistan government and Taliban during Eid-ul-Adha and there are hopes that extension of ceasefire can result lasting peace in the country.
In connection with the ceasefire, officials for ministry of defense say efforts are underway for peace with armed opponent group and it is determined that the second round of ceasefire will be declared in near future.
“The policy of Afghanistan government is to strongly follow peace programs; thus, the second round of ceasefire will be soon declared and we will finally reach lasting peace and stability in the country by following this active diplomacy and peace-loving efforts,” Tariq Shah Bahrami, minister of national defense said.
In the meantime, High Peace Council (HPC) and Afghanistan Ulema Council have also welcomed the step and praised the government for its peace efforts, stressing that the people of Afghanistan want lasting peace in the country.
They said that any plan and decision made for prevention of violence in Afghanistan were welcomed and supported by all the people of Afghanistan including the country’s ulema council.
The ceasefire plan is underlined by Afghanistan government amid efforts being made in national and international level as US officials and members of the Taliban group have held meetings in Doha, capital city of Qatar.
Afghan political experts say the government’s ceasefire plan can be a positive step towards starting peace negotiations but stress that supporters of the Taliban group do not want Taliban to join peace process.
“Terrorist groups should know that they cannot reach their goals through conflict and violence; therefore, the only option that can make them hope of future is joining peace process,” an Afghan political expert Amir Mohammad said.
He hoped that second round of ceasefire determined to be soon declared by the government could pave the way for peace talks between the Taliban group and Afghanistan government as Afghans want the process to be the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led process rather than foreign.
He stressed that during the three days ceasefire in Eidul Fitr Taliban fighters were also able to see their families and people and very interested in living with their families in a peaceful environment, but this war has been imposed on them by foreigners.
Nevertheless, Jamal Farahmand, another Afghan expert has different vision in connection with ceasefire with the Taliban group.
He says Taliban took advantage of ceasefire and were able to somehow reach their goals in some areas of the country because the group intensified their attacks on security forces in a number of districts where security forces suffered casualties soon after the three day ceasefire ended.
He believes that Afghanistan government should follow particular mechanism that can convince leaders of the group for peace as presence of the group’s fighters during truce days proved that they have been also tired of war.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission says peace cannot be maintained through unilateral ceasefire. The commission asked for good governance, maintaining justice and human rights in the country.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan government declared ceasefire during Eid days and the Taliban did it too. The ceasefire plan was fully welcomed and supported in a national and international level.
Suraya Raiszada

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