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Newspaper situation in Kabul

بنفشه بهار

As every student has to prepare one dissertation after graduation from master degree of MMCJ college of Gujarat India to record as academic record in the university, I also did and for this work I selected to investigate about situation of newspapers reading habit among educated people of Kabul.
As people in this decade are going to forget newspapers and going far from any kind of text, I wanted to clarify the reasons why people especially educated and literate are not interested in newspapers reading, even though; newspaper is the best recording media for them.
I was depressed when I saw Indian people who did not eat their breakfast if they did not receive newspapers in the early morning. I also saw my classmates who were always aware of any events written in the newspapers. They also were familiar with their favorite newspaper reporters’ names while we don’t know who is writing in our newspapers and what they are writing because we get distance from our newspapers opposite of other countries which get near to their newspapers.
In one subject from lessons of semester two, I read about how Indian people rescued India from control of British and that was because of newspaper reading… In the newspapers, the writers wrote messages against British and newspapers were distributed among all people even to far flung areas and people became aware and then through a logical plan got ready and attacked against British Rule. Now India is a democratic and free from any interference country…
All these during study of two years in India gave me stimulus to work on newspaper reading habit and inspire the habit of reading in my own country. Because of this question “Why people are not reading newspaper”?, I started to write my thesis.
1. Literacy
2. Less interest in reading
3. People’s habit of reading
4. Encouragement for reading newspapers
I selected more famous and less famous newspapers currently being published in Kabul by Persian, Pashto and English languages.
Anis, Arman-meli, Mandagar, 8-e-sub, Etlahat e roz, Cheragh, Wisa, Sarkhat, Kabul times, Sarnawesht and Afghanistan times were the newspapers about which I asked people.
The questionnaires were distributed among 150 selected participants (who were literate, educated and employed) from 1000 population in online method.
The participants were from diploma, Bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees that the percentage of bachelor was more than any others. Most newspapers were read among political science, Persian literature and journalism fields.
The questionnaire included 43 questions in five parts:
Part one was asking about personal and background information like name, sex, monthly income, degree, field of study, number of literate family members, and with how many newspapers they are familiar or read every day.
Part second was about kind of newspapers that people every day read. Part third was about language of newspapers that mostly people read like bywhich language (Persian, Pashtu andEnglish. Part four was about time of the day that people mostly read newspapers at which time(morning, during the day or night). Part five was selected for explanatory questions and participants answered about benefits of newspapers reading, effect of newspapers reading on society, and also in this part participants wrote their suggestions for betterment of newspapers offices in details.
After collecting questionnaires, I started to analyze.
My founding:
Male 58 % read newspapers
Female 42 % read newspapers
Monthly income of people was from 30000 to 120000
86% of participants read Persian newspapers
11% of participants read Pashto newspapers
3% of participants read English newspapers
69 % of participants read newspaper during the day
12 % of participants read newspaper in the morning
10% of participants read newspaper at any time they find time and newspaper
9% of participants read at night.
Sections of newspapers:
42% are interested in political news
38% are interested in entertainment
15% are interested in social science
5% are interested in general information
Reasons for forgetting newspapers:
ü Poor economy
ü Lack of security
ü Poor system of newspaper delivery
ü High price of newspapers
ü Newspapers are supporting government
ü Newspapers are not delivering true and fact issues
ü Parents are not used to reading newspapers
ü Teachers are not encouraging students to read newspapers
Suggestions by participants for betterment of newspapers and their reading habit:
· Contents should be fact and interesting
· Contents should be free from interference of government or any other powerful people
· Price of newspapers should become lower than now
· Contents should be based on interest of all people at different ages; such as, adults are interested in reading news especially politics, the youth is interested in reading sports and other entertainment like poetry, literature and so on and children are used to cartoons so the newspapers should have texts with cartoons for children, too.
· Delivery system of newspapers should be fast and available to all citizen s.
These Solutions suggested by Researchers:
v People have rights of access to right and accurate information, so the newspapers contents should be exact and correct.
v Government or any other force should not have any direct or indirect interference in order that newspapers could serve for people.
v Language of newspapers should be easy and contents should be based on level of each citizen.
v Newspapers should reach to even far-flung areas of villages for all people
v Literature, poetry, story and all social information should be added to contents in order to reach more audience
v Some games plus awards should be added to the contents.
v Newspapers should reach people faster than social media
v Newspapers should have online application to reach people sooner by presenting headlines from each moment events.
v If we want our newspapers to be published more and more, we should pay attention to increasing literate people. So government should increase number of literate people for selling more newspapers.
v As newspapers like other Medias are eye and ears of society, so it is requested to be more investigative and inquire the issues belonging to benefit of society and environment.
The author of this investigative report is master of mass communication, journalism and public relation from Gujarat of India (May 2018)

Benafsha Bahar Sana

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